How Does Venus Freeze Liposuction Treatment Work?

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A variety of liposuction that isn’t normally heard about in mainstream media, the Venus Freeze technique is non-invasive and uses both magnetic pulses and radio frequencies to help sculpt the body leaner and more toned in appearance. This technology has many benefits and works without a cut to the body. Those who are worried about general anesthesia and other surgical issues won’t have an issue with the Venus Freeze Method. Talk with your doctor about why this leading technology may be perfect for your after-surgery goals.

Benefits to the Venus Freeze Treatment

There are specific benefits to getting the Venus Freeze Liposuction Technique over other methods. Some of these include:

  • There are no invasive methods used in the Venus Freeze Technique
  • The entire process is relatively pain-free
  • The method is good for the entire body, especially those hard to get to areas
  • It can get deep into the skin safely
  • There is skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and wrinkle reduction
  • New collagen formation is possible with the (MP)2 technology
  • Skin feels firmer and appears more elastic than before the treatment
  • The body’s natural healing process is stimulated during the procedure

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How Does Venus Freeze Work?

Using radio frequencies and magnetic pulses, a technology that when combined is called (MP)2, makes a thermal reaction occur in the fat tissues of the body. This helps stimulate the body’s own natural healing and makes for new collagen formation. While these fat tissues are broken down, they are released naturally through the body’s waste system. There are no cuts to this procedure which makes for a more comfortable and pain-free treatment option while still getting a leaner and firmer appearance after the procedure.

Where Can I Get the Venus Freeze Liposuction Done?

While you can get this method on every part of the body, there are some parts of the body that are well suited for this. This particular method is great for use in the arms, thighs, buttocks, neck, face, and abdomen areas. If you’ve questions or want more in-depth knowledge about the procedure, ask your surgeon. They’ll know best precisely what may and may not work for your goals and aspirations for after the procedure. There are many things that may make the Venus Freeze not viable in your situation, or you may find that you are rightly suited for this innovative technique.