Top 5 Weekend Procedures For That Summer Body

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It’s the wish of many to look great for summer. Having a perfect summer body isn’t out of reach nor would it take a very long time to recover. There are many procedures designed to allow patients to be looking their best very quickly. With the strides in plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures made lately, there are options to get you going in no time.

cosmetic procedures to get your body summe ready


This procedure is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional liposuction. The tools used for removing the fat are very thin, this allows less scarring and far less pain during recovery. Lasers heat the at, liquifying it so that the fat can be suctions away from the body. This laser assisted liposuction has become known as ‘lunchtime lipo’ due to how fast the procedure can be completed. Patients can choose to have this liposuction done on several places at once or just one area. The procedure can be used on the neck, chin, arms, and other small areas where traditional lipo can’t be used.

Breast Lift

While this will take a little time to recover from, a breast lift can give you more youthful curves. The breast lift helps your body overcome the effects of gravity, improper fitting bras, and age. Liposuction can be used to remove excess fat in the area under the arms and beside the breasts. The uplift will need to be determined by the surgeon, but he or she can give you an idea of how quickly you will recover.

Wrinkle Fillers

Wrinkle fillers are one of the faster ways to change your appearance. There is no recovery time and can be done in just a few minutes. Filling wrinkles is one of the best ways that you can improve your appearance for summer without a lot of effort at all.

Skin Resurfacing

Dermabrasion is another popular method of giving the skin a healthy glow. Unlike deep chemical peels, dermabrasion polishes the skin. It does not remove layers of the skin. One caveat to the deeper chemical peels is that the face will no longer tan. This is something you never need worry about with dermabrasion.


One of the newest ways to rid the body of unwanted fat, along with sculpting your curves, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure. No needles, no incisions, and no long recovery. Fat cells are frozen, then the body naturally eliminates them. There may be some bruising, but it is usually minimal at the treated site.