Top 5 Reasons People Undergo Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic surgeries are selling like hotcakes! Today, millions of people submit to these procedures with minimal hesitations. It is as if this is the most logical thing to do for people who are not satisfied with the way they look. Even reports of surgical accidents and errors do not seem to lessen the numbers of those who want to change something in their face or body.

Why are people willing to take the risks and undergo plastic or cosmetic surgeries? Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. To look younger. It all boils down to the desire to be forever young. Next to liposuction, the next most popular cosmetic surgery is eyelid surgery. This is because the bagginess of the eyes could add years to a person’s look. Therefore, when the eyes are reshaped and the loose skin is tightened, the effects could take a decade off your age. Understandably, the facelift is also another most sought after cosmetic surgery. Among the minimal invasive cosmetic surgeries, the top one on the list is injection of Botox. Again, this has something to do with maintaining the youthful appearance.
  2. To look prettier or more handsome. This is expected as vanity is almost part of human nature. Who could convince these people not to undergo cosmetic surgery when in less than 60 minutes and with just several hundreds of dollars, one could look and feel glamorous? For instance, when one has his nose lifted, the overall look of the face would be greatly improved. This reason is probably why numerous teens are willing to go under the knife. For most of them, what is the point of being young when you are not good looking?
  3. To look fitter, leaner, and sexier. Liposuction tops the list as the most popular cosmetic surgery. With fats being removed with the use of a vacuum-like device, one could end up looking like those Hollywood stars, hunks, or models.
  4. To please other people. The third most popular cosmetic surgery is breast augmentation according to a research by doctor Joffrey manager of the austin liposuction specialty clinic. Women oftentimes undergo this procedure not for personal reasons alone but due to the request or insistence of their partners.
  5. To fix a physical problem. Cosmetic surgery can also be a form of treatment to various physical ailments. Being born with gross facial or body deformities or being disfigured due to accidents are the common reasons people are motivated to undergo surgeries.

Whatever the reasons may be, it is always wise to consider this quotation “Outer beauty is inner beauty made visible.”  While you spend money to become beautiful outside, you also have to strive to be beautiful beautiful inside, too.