Smartlipo: The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery

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Millions of people undergo cosmetic surgeries as though they are the most natural thing to do. Gone are the days when people are hesitant to undergo any procedure that would alter the way they look.  Among the many cosmetic procedures today, there are a handful that seems to be most popular among patients.

Smartlipo tops the list. Smartlipo is a basically a form of liposuction, which is the combination of two words: “lipo” meaning fats or other lipids, while “suction” refers to the removal of air, creating a partial vacuum, to force fluid into an empty container. There is also the medical term lipoplasty, where plasty means repair.  It is also known as body sculpting. This procedure reshapes the body, giving one a leaner and sexier look. This is probably why an estimated 90% of all who underwent this procedure were women.

Smartlipo removes the unwanted fat deposits on stubborn areas such as abdomen, upper arms, buttocks, hips, and thighs.  In this procedure, the surgeon would make a small incision on the body part where the fats would be removed. After inserting a narrow tube just beneath the skin, the fats would be sucked out using a vacuum-like device. With the current technology, smartlipo was made safer, less painful and easier, hence its popularity.

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There are different ways to choose from when it comes to fat removal.  The following are the three most common ways:

  • Tumescent smartlipo. In this procedure, a local anesthesia is used to numb the specific part of the body where the fats would be removed. Prior to the smartlipo itself, large amounts of lidocaine and epinephrine will be injected in the fatty tissues. This results in less blood loss.  The bacteriostatic action of lidocaine also decreases the risk of infection. Epinephrine, on the other hand, helps in hastening the hepatic metabolic of lidocaine, making the cosmetic procedure safer for the patient.
  • Ultra-sound assisted smartlipo. For a more precise body contour, this type of smartlipo is the choice. In this procedure, high pitch sound waves are used to liquefy the fats in hard to treat areas like the chin, cheeks, and calves.
  • Laser Assisted smartlipo. With the use of low-energy waves, fats are also liquefied and then suction is applied.

The recovery time for smartlipo is between one to four weeks however, swelling may take up to six months before it subsides. Depending on the amount of fats removed, one can go back to his or her usual schedule and routine several days after the cosmetic procedure.