Plastic Surgery and Teenagers

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Teenagers, regardless of gender and nationality, are among the most body conscious age groups. They are under constant pressure from what they see in the media, the internet and what is perceived to be acceptable among their peers. Most people naturally look awkward during their teenage years. Sadly, teenagers view the way they look as something permanent. The trend and frequency for plastic surgery varies. In South Korea, most girls undergo plastic surgery to “fix” their monolids after they graduate from high school or during summer vacation. Their parents usually fund their children’s plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is very normal in South Korea that it is acceptable to walk around the streets or do chores outdoors with completely bandaged noses, chins and cheekbones.


Bullying is one of the main reasons why teenagers seek the comfort of plastic surgery. Most teenagers turn to nose lifts and eyebrow lifts to improve their looks. Some of them go to the extremes undergo breast and buttocks augmentation. Adolescent boys, too, consider plastic surgery to improve their chins, noses and chest. Some men are affected by a condition called gynecomastia wherein male breasts develop to look slightly like female breasts. Men with Kleinfelter’s disease have an extra X chromosome in their genetic makeup, allowing them to have feminine looking breasts, among others.


A lot of plastic surgeries done on teenagers lead to disappointments. Teenagers are not especially reputable when it comes to controlling their emotions. A lot of teens get very excited when it comes to plastic surgery because they assume that it will drastically change the way they look. Surgeons advise teenagers to have realistic expectations before they commit to go under the knife. Unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointments and in some cases, depression. Surgeons also remind teenagers not to undergo plastic surgery just because they want to attract someone or win a job. While parental consent is required, teenagers should fully agree to undergo plastic surgery. They should not feel forced to undergo plastic surgery.

A certain degree of emotional maturity is required before and after plastic surgery. Right after the procedure, bruising, discoloration and swelling is normal. For a short while, the patient will look worse than he used to. It can take a few weeks to 6 months before these after effects start to fade away. That is why plastic surgery is recommended against teenagers who are prone to erratic behaviors and mood swings.

Ronald Bush, MD

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