The After Effect of Acne

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After using every beauty product on the market, and every prescription out there to make your acne go away, it finally works! It’s everything you’ve wanted, until you start noticing the scars that are left behind. The redness and the actual acne is all gone but you’re left with the memory of the scars on your face.

Maybe you don’t have the scar marks from acne, but you have its ugly cousin the dark spots. These spot can come from too much sun bathing, they can also be hereditary. As challenging as the marks left behind may be, today there are so many products that can help the dark spots.

Ance Leaves Scars Chemical Peels an Help

Acne marks typically fade away on their own 2-3 months after the blemishes have subsided. However, like most you don’t want to waste time waiting, or you do not want them to just fade away, you want the scars to no longer exist on your face.

Two best ways to remove the scars left from acne is a chemical peel or cortisone injections to the pimple itself. By doing the chemical peels you are literally burning the layers off your face and removing all blemishes. By using the cortisone injections you are filling in the pimple marking.

As far as the dark spots are concerned, the best treatment for these is chemical peels. Sometimes patients are recommended to try laser off the dark spot. However, this may work for a couple of weeks, but after the healing process beings, the spots come right back. It is important to clean your face, and let the pores breath fresh air every once in a while. Read More: Here