Does Gender Effect What We Eat?

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From the age old time men have always been known to eat a big steak and swallow it down with beer. Men are bigger than women so they must eat more than women. On the other hand women enjoy eating salads and cupcakes so they say. Nutritionist and researchers went through the age old question does gender effect our diet?

Of course every man and every woman are different. There are plenty of women who enjoy eating steak, and plenty of men that enjoy a salad! The question is why, why does our gender decide what we get to eat?

Although there are no exact answers, researchers have proved that men and women have different taste buds. This could be a huge factor as in why men chose specific food types, and the same reason why women chose specific food types. Men have a higher liking for bitter taste; which is why men enjoy the taste of beer over all more than women. Women have a lower liking for bitter taste and a high sweet tolerance. Maybe that’s why women are so sweet and men and are so sour.

Does Gender Effect What We Eat

Tracey Vivers of Brisbane-based health consultancy Performance Perspectives, says it best. Women and men eat differently because of society. Women see the commercials of models and believe that is how they are meant to look, or feel almost guilty for the things they eat. You are more likely to hear a women say “I shouldn’t be eating this,” than ever hearing a man say that. The reasoning Vivers says is because women are left to feeling guilty about eating.

On the other hand Vivers says men wouldn’t think twice about what they eat unless they were trying to gain or lose weight. But, take the average man he isn’t checking the calories and adding up the fat. He’s shoving the chips in his mouth and enjoying what they are eating.

Another researcher could say, it is based on how you were raised. Did your dad eat a lot of steak, and your mom eat a lot of salad? If you see that for daily dinners, you may be more inclined to follow the lead of your parents. We might figure out this answer, but one thing we do now. Both men and women do enjoy eating. For more information on men and women’s eating habits: Here