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Since 2009, has been a number one, entrusted website and online resource to patients searching for surgeons and information about the cosmetic industry’s leading FDA approved laser-assisted lipolysis systems. Smartlipo® Workstations have advanced options for uniquely treating localized fat on areas of the face and body, using minimally invasive techniques that only require local anesthetic. Entrusted source connecting patients to skilled and expeirenced surgeons Trusted online source by patients and surgeons, alike

Liposuction has come a long way, since the earlier rogue days when larger cannulas, suctioning devices, general anesthesia and more invasive techniques were used to remove fat, which compromised patient safety.

Like with any new technology, as in the case of laser devices, you have the early-adopters, those surgeons who want to innovate and learn the most advanced, state-of-the-art techniques and procedures, as opposed to those who want to stick to the older methods, because it is what they know.

Surgeons who own SmartLipo Workstations know that when they make the financial and personal investment in purchasing and learning how to use new devices, that this will help them expand their abilities and their business. It is a win-win, because the surgeons gain experience, training and patients, and patients get the latest, safest treatments available.

Dr. Michael McDonald Founder and Medical Director of Timeless Laser Medical Spa in Kissimmee Florida was the first physician in Florida to introduce Smartlipo technology.  Like many of our featured surgeons, Dr. McDonald has been featured on our site for years, and is a skilled and trusted expert in performing procedures and training other surgeons with the device.

When seeking qualified surgeons, or searching for videos to learn step-by-step about how Smartlipo works, here is where you will find everything you need to know.

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