More Men Seeking Cosmetic Surgery, “Manscaping” and Daddy Makeovers

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More men are gravitating toward cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. They may not be as open to admitting their desires for cosmetic surgery, but men do care about how they look.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, male patients now account for nearly 10 percent of plastic surgery procedures. The most popular procedures requested by men include: liposuction, nose surgery, eyelifts, facelifts, and chin implants, in addition to “touch up” procedures, like laser hair removal and Botox.

In a recent article titled “Daddy makeovers: More men getting ‘touch ups’ with plastic surgery” , writer Mia Gradney got the male perspective from patient Bo Jardine, a husband and new father who visited board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Kratschmer for Botox injections and Smart Lipo. Jardine, like many men, lost weight and kicked up his cardio work out to define his physique, but was not getting the results he wanted. He turned to a plastic surgeon to help him get a handle on his love handles and define his torso, so he could “get six pack abs and eventually and be cut for summer time.”

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High Def Lipo Patient Dr. Jason Miller

Dr. Jason Miller, Founder and Medical Director of Renewal Body Contouring in North Carolina, has experienced a 30% increase in male patients in the last couple of years since he began to focus part of his practice on Smart Lipo and laser assisted high definition liposuction. As a featured surgeon on, he was able to boost his visibility in addition to creating a separate “high def lipo” site for men only, where men can view before and after photos of real patients who have re-defined the shape of their bodies by removing and re-positioning fat.

Dr. Miller can speak volumes about Bo Jardine’s complaint with the flank area, because he caters to men who want to treat problem areas at his clinic.

“The love handles are very resistant to diet and exercise,” Miller stated. “Men can lose 20-30 pounds and still retain excess fat in that area, but it is very fibrous tissue, which makes it easy to sculpt using high definition laser assisted technologies like Smartlipo™ and Vaser to define, contour, tighten and tone.”

Dr. Miller has performed hundreds of these procedures on men, but denotes the differences in performing lipo on men compared to women.

“It is important to take into account the aesthetic anatomy of a male. To achieve the best results in this area, the fat must be removed and sculpted down to the lateral or outer buttocks to achieve a more masculine look and give them the ‘V’ formation in the back,” Miller proclaimed.

Miller stated that most men like the fact that high-def lipo only takes about an hour to perform, and only requires local anesthesia, which minimizes risks and downtime. Most men recover quickly, and they can expect to see immediate results and natural looking definition after the swelling subsides in a few weeks.

“Men want to look natural and they just want to look like they have worked out at the gym. They also want to be discrete, making sure the incisions are hidden, the fat is proportionately removed, and there are no scars after the surgery,” he said.

High definion lipo has helped Dr. Miller increase his male patient intake from 10% to 40%.

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