Smart Liposuction Recovery

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Your doctor will give you specific instructions concerning your post-liposuction recovery, and you would do well to follow these guidelines to the letter.  The better prepared you are for the recovery, the less time it will take.

Immediately After Surgery

A typical Smart liposuction procedure will take on average a couple of hours.  It could be more or less time depending on what area of the body you are having treated or whether you are having multiple areas of the body operated on.  After the procedure, you will talk over with your doctor after how you feel and if you are uncomfortable.

You will not be sitting in the surgical suite, outpatient facility, or hospital for long at all.  Most treatments allow patients to be discharged within just thirty minutes.  While some complications could occur to make you stay a little longer, this procedure is almost guaranteed to be a same-day procedure.

liposuction recovery

In the Next Few Days

As noted, your doctor will give you specific instructions that you must follow during your recovery process.  You will be told how to care for your body as well as specific medications you are allowed to take.  These medications can be applied to the site or taken orally to both aid the healing process and reduce any pain you may be feeling.  You will also be told when and how often to follow up with your doctor.  Make sure to ask your doctor any questions you can think of when seeing him or her for those follow-up visits.  Never be afraid to ask questions.

The Recovery Time Line

Recovery time for liposuction patients varies based on the technique used, how much fat was removed, and which body parts were treated.  While some procedures may have you back to normal activity in a matter of days, others may take a week.  Bruising and swelling may continue for a week.  However, the pain should only last a few days.

Most plastic surgeons would recommend their patients take up to a week off of work.  While you will be allowed to return to normal activity afterwards, you should refrain from strenuous activity for a few weeks.  You may still be tender and sore, so it’s best to give your body a slight break.  On a good note, smart liposuction procedures are usually the easiest to recover from.

Concerns and Complications

Monitor your health closely after you head home from your laser surgery.  If you think anything is abnormal, call your doctor immediately.  Some complications could occur, including shortness of breath, chest pains, or unusual heart beats.  If any of these situations affect you, seek medical attention immediately.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

You can rest easy knowing that the recovery process for liposuction procedures is fairly easy.  You should never expect to be out of commission for months.  You should be mostly healed within a week.  Bruising and some soreness could endure for two weeks, so don’t be worried if this happens.  It’s completely normal.