How Does Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction

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One of the newest liposuction techniques used by plastic surgeons today is water-jet assisted liposuction.  This technique uses special Body-Jet technology to more gently remove fatty deposits from subcutaneous layers of the skin.  Your body could be transformed by Water-jet assisted liposuction, and the results can amaze you.  Before you go under the knife for this procedure, however, make sure you know all of the facts associated with it.  This is a big decision, and you should not make it lightly.

What is it Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction?

Water-jet assisted liposuction uses a brand new technology called Body-Jet.  Basically, a gentle, pulsating spray of saline emitted from a hollow tube (called a cannula) gently dislodges the fatty deposits.  At the same time, the fat cells are removed from the body using a different cannula.  This technique is much gentler than traditional liposuction methods, which often include rapid in-and-out and spinning motions by the cannula itself to remove the fatty layers.

 Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction

Patients and surgeons alike prefer this method due to its gentle removal of fat and the fact that it is minimally invasive.  There should be minimal bruising and tissue trauma associated with the procedure.  This is significantly better than traditional methods, which often involve tissue damage and long recovery times.

The Procedure

The technique known as water-jet assisted liposuction should be done in three simple stages.  This does not include the incision beforehand and the stitching afterwards.  Depending on what part(s) of the body are being operated on, the entire procedure could be finished in about one to three hours.  The first phase is often called infiltration.  During this phase, fluid will be introduced in order to numb the treatment areas.  Local anesthetics will be used, ones that often contain epinephrine.

The next phase of the technique is often called infiltration/aspiration.  This is when the liposuction surgery will be in full force.  Gentle fluid will be sprayed into the body to dislodge the fatty deposits.  At the same time, surgeons will use another cannula to suction excess fluid and the fat cells from the body.  Since fluid is being removed at the same rate that it is being introduced, no harmful effects can be done on the body.

The final phase of the technique is called drying.  At this point, surgeons will finalize all of the aspiration and remove any leftover fluid from the body.  Any remaining fat cells should have already been sucked out.  After these three phases have been completed, the doctor will clean the area and stitch up the incision site.  Bandages will be adhered, and the recovery process can begin.  It may take some time to see the final results of your procedure, but you are sure to be happy with it once you are completely recovered.

The Benefits of Body-Jet

There are many benefits associated with the technique known as water-jet assisted liposuction.  First of all, you can finally have the body you have always dreamed of.  Of course, it will take time and an adherence to a healthy lifestyle to completely finish off your dream body.  Exercise and healthy eating should not be thrown to the wayside just because you had a liposuction procedure.  However, for those people that are just twenty-five pounds overweight, water-jet assisted liposuction offers weight loss in an instant.

Besides looking great, patients will also be feeling great.  When people look the way they want, they tend to be happier.  Self-esteem and confidence are boosted significantly following a liposuction procedure.  You will no longer need to stress over that unwanted fat (and stress can cause weight loss, so it’s a vicious cycle).  There will be no more disappointment in your figure.

An extreme benefit to water-jet assisted technology over traditional liposuction is the reduced recovery time.  Some patients even go back to normal everyday activity after only a few days.  You could essentially get your liposuction procedure done on a Friday and be back to work by Monday.  That’s only one missed day of work.  Why is there less recovery time?   That’s because there is less tissue trauma and bruising than with traditional liposuction techniques.  Since the procedure itself is more gentle, recovery is faster.  The healing process starts immediately.

Of course, there are risks to any surgical procedure.  You should never commit to an operation without the proper amount of thought and research.  Furthermore, you need to be able to trust your surgeon to give you the best results.  Take the time to think the process through before you undergo the knife.  Since the recovery time is significantly smaller with water-jet assisted liposuction, you can afford the extra time beforehand.