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Director of Palm Springs Lipo Center Dr. Ronald Bush is board certified and has been providing patients with exceptional medical care for over 20 years. He performs a number of aesthetic procedures for those interested in optimizing and improving their appearance. Dr. Bush stays on the cutting edge of health and wellness and uses the latest technologies to provide optimal results for his clients.

Plastic Surgery and Teenagers

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Teenagers, regardless of gender and nationality, are among the most body conscious age groups. They are under constant pressure from what they see in the media, the internet and what is perceived to be acceptable among their peers. Most people naturally look awkward during their teenage years. Sadly, teenagers view the way they look as something permanent. The trend and frequency for plastic surgery varies. In South Korea, most girls undergo plastic surgery to “fix” their monolids after they graduate from high school or during summer vacation. Their parents usually fund their children’s plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is very normal in South Korea that it is acceptable to walk around the streets or do chores outdoors with completely bandaged noses, chins and cheekbones.


Bullying is one of the main reasons why teenagers seek the comfort of plastic surgery. Most teenagers turn to nose lifts and eyebrow lifts to improve their looks. Some of them go to the extremes undergo breast and buttocks augmentation. Adolescent boys, too, consider plastic surgery to improve their chins, noses and chest. Some men are affected by a condition called gynecomastia wherein male breasts develop to look slightly like female breasts. Men with Kleinfelter’s disease have an extra X chromosome in their genetic makeup, allowing them to have feminine looking breasts, among others.


A lot of plastic surgeries done on teenagers lead to disappointments. Teenagers are not especially reputable when it comes to controlling their emotions. A lot of teens get very excited when it comes to plastic surgery because they assume that it will drastically change the way they look. Surgeons advise teenagers to have realistic expectations before they commit to go under the knife. Unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointments and in some cases, depression. Surgeons also remind teenagers not to undergo plastic surgery just because they want to attract someone or win a job. While parental consent is required, teenagers should fully agree to undergo plastic surgery. They should not feel forced to undergo plastic surgery.

A certain degree of emotional maturity is required before and after plastic surgery. Right after the procedure, bruising, discoloration and swelling is normal. For a short while, the patient will look worse than he used to. It can take a few weeks to 6 months before these after effects start to fade away. That is why plastic surgery is recommended against teenagers who are prone to erratic behaviors and mood swings.

Plastic or Cosmetic?

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When people talk of getting “plastic surgery”, most of them mean getting cosmetic surgery instead. These two subsets of surgery are often confused because of the relative similarity in their techniques and procedures. However, there is a marked difference between the two.  Plastic surgery itself focuses on the reconstruction of a certain part of the body that may have been deformed, cosmetic surgery is concerned with the enhancement of the body.

The science of cosmetic surgery is also not at all that new. Historical evidence suggests that the Ancient Romans have been able to perform simple but trailblazing techniques since the 1st century B.C. Such surgeries include the restoration of deformed ears. Since the ancient Romans did not dissect animals or humans for study (due to religious reasons), they relied on the texts left by the Ancient Greeks. Nevertheless, they showed a clear understanding of human anatomy and the different augmentations that can be performed on it. One in particular, Aulus Cornelius Celsus, was remarkable for his study on the human skeleton’s genitalia.  These studies were later considered of important interest to the modern study of cosmetic surgery.

This being said, cosmetic surgery is an entirely optional procedure. According to statistics, most of those who opt to go for cosmetic surgery procedures are those who wanted to erase the evidence of age from the body. Millions of people undergo these treatments every year. Also, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery conducted a study that found nineteen out of thirty-four procedures performed were non-surgical, such as Botox (and other injectables) and laser hair removal. Also, it has been found that approximately 81% of all these procedures were performed on Caucasian people. Recently, however, the racial lines have been blurred.  The number of cosmetic surgeries performed on African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans are fast catching up.

In Europe, cosmetic surgery was found to be the second-largest market for all cosmetic procedures. It is a $2.2 billion business in the continent. Asia is not to be left behind, as different cosmetic surgery techniques are already becoming more and more popular in the region. China and India have been Asia’s biggest cosmetic surgery capitals. Thailand, a relatively small country, has positioned itself as the capital of sex reassignment and breast augmentation techniques in Asia, a very specialized field. In fact, it has gained international renown, with patients coming from Europe, Australia, and other neighboring Asian countries.

Liposuction – For a Leaner, Thinner You!

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All those who’re obese and want to get rid of their excess body fat can opt for liposuction surgery, which is done using a special hollow metal tube. Excess fat is sucked out of the body with the help of a pump that can perform suction effectively. In medical terms, cannula is hollow metal tube associated with this process, and liposuction is known for its medical name of intervention.

You can quickly get the results you want and with ease if you decide to undergo liposuction. These type of results are not possible with traditional weight loss methods. Depending on how much you can spend, you can easily choose from among wide range of procedures for liposuction. Usually cost of surgery varies from person to person, depending upon the part from where fat is to be sucked from. For instance, liposuction on your stomach area can cost you anything between $3000 to $7000. If you can afford this amount, good for you!

Many women also choose to undergo liposuction surgery to reduce their enlarged breasts. There are many men who also have the same kind of problem. They also want to decrease the size of their chests, so they turn to liposuction surgery. The cost depends on the size of fat that is to be removed with the best surgical and medical services You may require a specific liposuction procedure, depending on which of the body part you want to be improved. You can have legs or thigh liposuction for your lower body, or you can also have back liposuction done. Many prefer to go for neck or chin lipo.

All those who want to know more about lipo surgery and are contemplating to have it performed on their bodies can read more on their options online. Many surgeons have their own websites and you can contact them directly to know what else they offer and their current prices. During liposuction surgery, an ultrasound generator is used to generate weaves that can be highly useful in layers of body fat from your skin. Plastic surgeons take extra steps to ensure their patients don’t feel any discomfort and get the best possible results.

In order to ensure the success of your lipo surgery, you must refrain from smoking cigarettes and drinking any alcohol prior to the performance of lipo procedure. Never forget to consult the physician about your health, before you start taking final steps towards having lipo procedure.

An Overview Of Liposuction

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Liposuction is the surgical removal of excess fat, offering a better shape and contour to the body. As people add and lose weight, certain parts of the body tend to develop deposits of undesirable fats that can be tough to offload through exercise and diet. Liposuction can offer lasting elimination of these fatty cells. Today, a number of new methods, including power-assisted lipoplasty (PAL), Super-wet technique, VASER, ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty (UAL), and the tumescent technique, are helping many plastic surgeons to provide certain patients with more exact results and faster recovery times.


Why Get Liposuction?

There are certain fat deposits on the body that prove to be resilient to exercise and diet. Even if you eat healthy and work our regularly, these parts never seem to reduce like you want them to. This is usually because your body has hereditary pre-disposition to hang onto the fat in these areas. For some individuals, it can be the inner thighs or the love handles. Others might have persistent fats under the undersides of the arms or on the chin.

Liposuction will successfully help you to eliminate these fat cells that refuse to disappear. It enables you to shape your body for a slimmer, more appealingly line. It’s a common procedure, in 2011, Liposuction was the second most common and popular procedure for women, just after the breast augmentation, and it was the only popular procedure for men.

Since this procedure is done on spots that do not generally respond to diet and exercise, even when you have tried, there is no reason to look at it as an easy way out. A freshly slimmed shape will actually be a more perfect reflection of the hard work that you have put in to having a healthy, fit body.

How do you prepare for Liposuction?

Your doctor will possibly order some laboratory tests beforehand to make sure that you are healthy enough to continue with the surgery. You will also be required to stop drinking and smoking at least 6 weeks before and after the surgery, and you will need to stop eating at a prescribed time the night before the procedure.

Review any paper work and post-operative guidelines beforehand to make sure that you do not have any questions. In addition, you will be required to have a driver to take you home after the surgery.

What are the risks of Liposuction?

Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed each year, and side effects are very rare. But, there are some few side effects, including bleeding, reactions to anesthesia, hematoma, infections, changes in skin sensation, skin discoloration, and dissatisfaction with the results. The best way to ensure that you are minimizing these risks is to choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for liposuction. Following all your pre and post-operative instructions will also reduce the risks that you will have complications.

The different benefits provided by laser lipo for fat removal of your body.

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Even while being fit and healthy, there are a large number of people who are struggling to lose the excess fat from their body. You may also want to lose your belly fat and achieve a flat stomach because with age your metabolism rate decreases significantly which makes the process of losing fat even more difficult. Thus for people who are in search of ways for losing the excess fat from their body, laser lipo is the best option for them. The reason for the popularity of this procedure is that there are no pains or scars associated with this procedure.


Laser lipo is the ideal solution for people who are looking for ways to lose their belly fat and get a flat stomach. It is a minimally invasive and effective procedure that can produce the desired results for your fat loss goals. There is various cause of loose tummy, pot belly or fat stomach and with the help of laser lipo you can get rid of the fat present under the surface of the skin. It also enables you to get skin tightening of the loose tummy skin. Thus if you are an obese or overweight individual this procedure can help you to lose the belly fat without any pain or significant side effects. This procedure is initiated when the fiber of laser liposuction dissolves the body fat into a thin liquid which makes the entire process of removing fat much simple and easier. Then a cannulas or tiny tubes are used to suction out the dissolved fat from the tummy skin.

This procedure is non invasive since only tiny holes are made in the belly button for suctioning the fat from the stomach. Thus you will only have very tiny or almost invisible scars in your stomach that are required for this procedure. The benefits that you get after the laser lipo procedure is that you can get a smooth skin without any bumps, lumps or contour deformities that may be experienced with the traditional liposuction.

You will also get a tighter skin as it is one of the most remarkable benefits of this procedure. It also provides quicker recovery after the procedure as you will not experience any kind of side effects. This new technique is also beneficial for you if you want to improve your abdomen contour and get a well sculpted body.

Laser lipo is considered as a revolutionary way of liposuction which has generated a lot of interest among men and women alike. The efficiency of this technique is because it is capable of melting the fat of your body effectively so that the entire process becomes easier. When the fat of your body is melted it results in uniform removal of the body fat so that you can get skins without any deformities. Skin tightening is facilitated due to the heat that is generated during this procedure which is far better than the other fat removal techniques. These benefits make laser liposuction an ideal choice for fat removal for people who are looking for a safe, quick and non invasive way of losing fat.

Things you should do before having cosmetic surgery

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Cosmetic surgery can benefit people that want to enhance the way that their bodies look. Many people today turn to cosmetic surgeons to look their best. It is important to be prepared in advance for this type of surgical procedure. Here are some tips on how to prepare for cosmetic surgery.

Budget for the Expense

Cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance because it is an elective medical procedure. It is important to budget for the expense and any items that will be needed for post-op recovery. People will need to take time off from work as well to recuperate. It is important to meet with the surgeon to discuss the costs. Many people qualify for payment arrangements so this can help with trying to pay for everything in a timely manner.

Get a Complete Physical Done

It is important to make sure that you are in excellent health before undergoing any cosmetic surgery. This means that people should take a trip to their primary care physician to have a full physical done. People should also request their medical history and give it to the cosmetic surgeon. This information can be very helpful when trying to decide which anesthesia and medications to prescribe during and after the procedure.

Prepare Meals in Advance

Undergoing cosmetic surgery can be painful. People need to be prepared for when they come home. Preparing meals in advance and having food stocked in the fridge can help people have meals ready on the go so that they can stay fed and hydrated while they recover.

Clean Your House

It is important to avoid contracting a post-op infection. This means that your home should be as clean as possible. Wash your sheets, comforters and clothes in warm water. All surfaces should be disinfected so that germs can be avoided at all costs.

Meet with a Therapist

It is important for people to have cosmetic surgery for the right reasons. Speaking to a therapist can help people gain clarity on the situation. This helps people have confidence before they go in for the procedure. No one should regret their surgery down the road, so speaking to a professional can be very beneficial.

Have Your Medical Directive Filled Out

It is important for everyone to have a medical directive in place when they have cosmetic surgery done. This legally states what a person wants done if they are incapacitated or declared brain dead. This helps to ensure that a person has a good quality of life if anything goes wrong during the surgery.