Plastic or Cosmetic?

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When people talk of getting “plastic surgery”, most of them mean getting cosmetic surgery instead. These two subsets of surgery are often confused because of the relative similarity in their techniques and procedures. However, there is a marked difference between the two.  Plastic surgery itself focuses on the reconstruction of a certain part of the body that may have been deformed, cosmetic surgery is concerned with the enhancement of the body.

The science of cosmetic surgery is also not at all that new. Historical evidence suggests that the Ancient Romans have been able to perform simple but trailblazing techniques since the 1st century B.C. Such surgeries include the restoration of deformed ears. Since the ancient Romans did not dissect animals or humans for study (due to religious reasons), they relied on the texts left by the Ancient Greeks. Nevertheless, they showed a clear understanding of human anatomy and the different augmentations that can be performed on it. One in particular, Aulus Cornelius Celsus, was remarkable for his study on the human skeleton’s genitalia.  These studies were later considered of important interest to the modern study of cosmetic surgery.

This being said, cosmetic surgery is an entirely optional procedure. According to statistics, most of those who opt to go for cosmetic surgery procedures are those who wanted to erase the evidence of age from the body. Millions of people undergo these treatments every year. Also, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery conducted a study that found nineteen out of thirty-four procedures performed were non-surgical, such as Botox (and other injectables) and laser hair removal. Also, it has been found that approximately 81% of all these procedures were performed on Caucasian people. Recently, however, the racial lines have been blurred.  The number of cosmetic surgeries performed on African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans are fast catching up.

In Europe, cosmetic surgery was found to be the second-largest market for all cosmetic procedures. It is a $2.2 billion business in the continent. Asia is not to be left behind, as different cosmetic surgery techniques are already becoming more and more popular in the region. China and India have been Asia’s biggest cosmetic surgery capitals. Thailand, a relatively small country, has positioned itself as the capital of sex reassignment and breast augmentation techniques in Asia, a very specialized field. In fact, it has gained international renown, with patients coming from Europe, Australia, and other neighboring Asian countries.

Ronald Bush, MD

Director of Palm Springs Lipo Center Dr. Ronald Bush is board certified and has been providing patients with exceptional medical care for over 20 years. He performs a number of aesthetic procedures for those interested in optimizing and improving their appearance. Dr. Bush stays on the cutting edge of health and wellness and uses the latest technologies to provide optimal results for his clients.