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Cosmetic surgery is a booming business with millions of customers a year. These numbers prove true for any place in the world — whether in America, Europe, or in Asia. In fact, different countries have established themselves as specialists in different types of procedures.  For example, Thailand has been known as the go-to place for sex reassignment surgeries. On the other hand, Germany has made a name in the field of stem-cell treatments, while Korea is known for its cost-effective facial surgery procedures.

While a study conducted in 2010 showed that a larger majority of cosmetic procedures were performed in a non-surgical manner (such as laser hair removals and the infamous Botox procedure), more and more people are gaining the courage to go under the real knife when needed because of the increasingly advanced technology available and the promising results expected. Described below are just some of the most prevalent cosmetic surgery procedures that are performed regularly in clinics all over.

  • Abdominoplasty. Also called the “tummy-tuck”, this is the treatment done to reshape and firm the abdomen.
  • Blepharoplasty. The reshaping of a person’s eyelids, as well as the application of a permanent eyeliner. This is prevalent in Asian countries.
  • Phalloplasty. Also called “penile surgery”, this is the construction (or possibly a reconstruction) of the male reproductive part. This can also take the form of augmentation or any artificial modification, mostly for cosmetic purposes.
  • Mammoplasty. This can take the form of breast augmentation, reduction, of lifting (according to Augmentation is usually done by the addition of silicone gel prosthetics, as well as fat grafting. On the other hand, reduction is done through the removal of skin and glandular tissue. Studies show that most reduction mammoplasty procedures are done in order to help reduce the back and shoulder pain of women with gigantomastia. Men suffering from gynecomastia are also common patients.
  • Buttock augmentation. Much like mammoplasty, this process aims to improve the buttocks through silicone implants or fat grafting (such as in the “Brazilian butt lift”). Buttock lifting may also be done through the excision of any redundant skin.

A whole host of other treatments may be performed depending on a patient’s needs, but these are usually the most prevalent. It must be remembered that cosmetic surgery is a very specialized branch of surgery and one wrong move can turn any of these treatments awry. Therefore, it is important to know if your doctor has the requisite credentials, knowledge, and experience in performing cosmetic surgery.

Jafer Joffrey


Dr. Joffrey is a board certified surgeon who has performed over 3000 cosmetic surgical procedures. He patented the Waterlipo™ procedure using the body jet liposuction system and serves as a teaching physician for Sciton Aesthetic Laser Company where he instructs physicians from across the country in laser liposuction

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