New Trends In Breast Enlargement

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For years now breast augmentation procedures have held steady as the top procedure performed by plastic surgeons, which makes sense. Proportionate figures and nice, firm breasts will never go out of style. Women have more options when considering breast enlargement, now with new medical advances, and they can increase volume and their cup size, without implants.

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Fat Transfer and Scar-Free Breast Augmentation


One of the latest breast enhancement trends is fat transfers or fat injections to increase bust size. This procedure is a natural alternative that allows surgeons and specialists to re-purpose fat. In order to have the procedure, patients need to have extra fat and padding to spare. These are the cases where saddle bags, thunder thighs and bubble butts come in handy, because patients must undergo liposuction to remove unwanted fat, before the fat can be processed and injected into the breasts.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this procedure.


  • ·         Patients get rid of fat in one area and gain volume in a desired area
  • ·         No scars (surgeons do not make incisions because they o not need to place implants)
  • ·         Breasts feel natural, because it is real fat tissue
  • ·         If weight gain occurs after, it is likely to accumulate in your chest and breasts


  • ·         Fat transfer surgery may be more costly than implants. On average it my cost $1000 more than implant surgery, and patients do not get as much volume
  • ·         Recovery time may be no less than implant surgery and patients will have swelling and soreness after
  • ·         The procedure takes longer than implant surgery and the process is lengthier between liposuction and the fat transfers.
  • ·         Only 50-60 percent of the fat is retained after six months, so the permanent result and gain equals one-half to a full cup size.
  • ·         The other 40-50 percent is metabolized by the body over time.

Upon considering a natural fat transfer breast augmentation procedure, it is important to find a surgeon who has been properly trained and who is skilled at performing this procedure. Expertise makes all of the difference in the outcomes.

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