Defeating the Obesity Ogre

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Obesity is a real issue that many people battle year-after-year. Defeating this ogre can be ominous, but it is possible with medical weight loss procedures, bariatric or lap-band surgery, proper diet, exercise, increased activity and by adapting to a healthier lifestyle. It helps to have support from family, friends and even a group of others who are trying to achieve the same goal.

Just one look at this obesity infographic and it is easy to see how many people suffer from being over weight.

Obesity Infographic

Obesity Impacts 1.5 Billion Adults Worldwide

For many patients who undergo dramatic weight loss, liposuction is often the procedure they seek to shed and remove those last few pounds, once they are within 25-30 pounds of their goal weight.

Before having a lipo procedure, surgeons will typically measure your Body Mass Index (BMI) to make sure you are within the desirable range.



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