How Plastic Surgery is Helping “Bitchy Resting Face”

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There is a new trend sweeping the tabloids and the newspapers, one on the “bitchy resting face”. What had begun as a running joke is now starting to pick up steam and women are wanting to rid themselves of it.

How Does One Get Bitchy Resting Face?

It could be genetics, stress, environmental factors, really many things can go into how someone winds up with a less-than-jovial looking resting face. Look through old pictures to see if family members look particularly grumpy or unhappy when they aren’t smiling. Keeping your skin moisturized, out of the sun, and hopefully living a stress-free or stress-reduced life may help, even if you are one of the ones where it could be genetic. No matter how you ended up with it, what makes your face look that way and how can you fix it?

bitchy face syndrome

What Makes “Bitchy Resting Face”

So besides having a frown or downturn of the mouth while you are at rest, what makes a face “bitchy”? Some of these items can be:

  • The vertical lines that many get between the eyebrows, termed the “11’s”
  • Over-arched eyebrows
  • Droopy eyebrows

Cosmetic Procedures That Can Help The Bitchy Look

Many plastic and cosmetic surgeons do what is called “expression surgeries” where the facial expressions are better defined.  There are many things that can be done to help, such as what is termed “grin lift”, where the drooping mouth corners are lifted and turned. Besides making a friendlier mouth, there can be eyebrow reshaping and lifts done to help the overall face.


Dermal fillers such as Botox are also used to help combat the new “Bitchy Face Syndrome”. These fillers are used to help fill in the wrinkles and the lines, especially the 11’s. When there are no creases between the brows, oftentimes the woman doesn’t look as angry or upset. While a temporary procedure, many women have this done and come back periodically when the Botox begins to wear off.

Silly or not, there are many people now seeking cosmetic surgery so that their faces are “happier” looking when at rest. If you are unhappy about how your resting face appears and you truly think your life, or how people perceive you, will be better if you looked happier, there are surgeons ready to talk with you about options. What started as a 2 million hit joke is now becoming an actual option.