Questions to Ask Your Liposuction Surgeon Prior to Surgery

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There are a few things that you can do before undergoing lipo to make sure that there are no surprises when they come out of the surgery room. Finding A Qualified Surgeon and Asking the right questions of the surgeon is one of these. Here are a few questions you’re going to want to remember to ask the doctor before you have liposuction done.

Ask About Your Surgeons Background

Make sure that your doctor is board-certified and has the credentials needed to perform the surgery. You may take this for granted, but it is much better to be safe than to be sorry. Ask upfront and do your research, or if you are too shy to broach the subject, go online and look.

Ask About the Procedure

Make sure you know everything that is going to happen while you are in surgery. Will you be asleep, in “twilight”, awake…these are good questions to ask so that there are no surprises. As how long the recovery will be, what to expect in recovery, and all the possible complications and risks that the procedure holds. Be well informed, it is the best way to make sure your goals are met in the end.

Ask About Pre-Surgery

Are you going to need to do anything special before the surgery takes place? Does the doctor know about the medications you are on, the vitamins, any supplements? Do you smoke or drink and if so, will you need to stop that prior to surgery? If so, for how long? Are there special instructions you’ll need to follow? Can you spend much time in the sun prior to the surgery? It may sound like a bunch of hypochondria, but there are several procedures where you aren’t going to be able to have them if some of these things aren’t followed.

Ask About the Staff

Are you going to be able to reach them if you need to? Place a few calls to the office in the early hours of their business, right before they close, and around lunch. Does it just ring and ring, or does someone always answer? Do they have an after-hours answering service? Are they friendly or aloof? You’ll want a nice helpful staff that answers the phone so that all your needs are met.

Lipo is becoming safer and safer, however to get the best results and achieve the goals you have in mind, you’re going to have to have a good communication line between you and your surgeon. Asking the right questions beforehand may save you disappointment and potential problems with the outcome.