Hand Lifts the Newest Trend in Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

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While we all think that a face or neck lift can make us appear years younger than we did, it is often said that the quickest way to tell a person’s real age is through their hands. But now Hand Lifts are becoming a popular, and fast trending option in cosmetic surgery.

What Makes Hands Appear Old:

There are many reasons that hands can appear old and date your appearance. By losing fat, elasticity and volume, your hands appear to age at a much faster rate than many other parts of the body. When that layer of fat disappears under the skin of the hand, it makes the skin more wrinkled and thinner. You’re more able to see the veins and bones through the translucency. Tell tale sign? Pinch your skin and see if it snaps back quickly. If not, you’re losing that volume and elasticity.

Hand Lift Cosmetic Surgery

How a Hand Lift is Performed:

A hand lift is a bit different procedure than what you’d do for a neck or face lift. This procedure is only about ten minutes in length, an astonishing feat for such great results. During this time there will be fillers inserted into the first layer of skin. These can be Juvederm or Radiesse, or other synthetic fillers. It can even be a combination of different fillers instead of just one type. The effects will last about a year. You can also opt to get laser resurfacing or intense pulsed light in addition to the hand lift. When adding these procedures, the sun damage and dark spots will be removed as well.

Excess Skin Reduction and Botox Is Not an Option:

Not all injectables will work with this particular procedure. Botox doesn’t work because it doesn’t help with the loss of volume in the hands and it constricts muscle movement. In that same vein, it isn’t wise to try for removal of excess skin tissue. Because of the delicacy of the hands, it can leave bad scars and may result in additional complications.

Complication Potential:

The hand lift carries the same type of risks and complication risk as other procedure. For the hands, you may see infections, discoloration of the skin, asymmetry (where there is unevenness), skin necrosis, and nodule formation.

Side Effects:

While there is a rare chance of the above complications, there are side effects that could happen after the procedure is done. There can be swelling and bruising for the most common side effects.

Of course the best way to have younger looking hands are to have preventive measures such as taking care of your hands and using good sunscreen. The more wear and tear you do to your hands, the worse they are going to age and appear in the later years. You are going to want to preserve them and being proactive is much easier than taking care of it in later years through procedures and medical facilities.