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Dr. Joffrey is a board certified surgeon who has performed over 3000 cosmetic surgical procedures. He patented the Waterlipo™ procedure using the body jet liposuction system and serves as a teaching physician for Sciton Aesthetic Laser Company where he instructs physicians from across the country in laser liposuction

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

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Cosmetic surgery is a booming business with millions of customers a year. These numbers prove true for any place in the world — whether in America, Europe, or in Asia. In fact, different countries have established themselves as specialists in different types of procedures.  For example, Thailand has been known as the go-to place for sex reassignment surgeries. On the other hand, Germany has made a name in the field of stem-cell treatments, while Korea is known for its cost-effective facial surgery procedures.

While a study conducted in 2010 showed that a larger majority of cosmetic procedures were performed in a non-surgical manner (such as laser hair removals and the infamous Botox procedure), more and more people are gaining the courage to go under the real knife when needed because of the increasingly advanced technology available and the promising results expected. Described below are just some of the most prevalent cosmetic surgery procedures that are performed regularly in clinics all over.

  • Abdominoplasty. Also called the “tummy-tuck”, this is the treatment done to reshape and firm the abdomen.
  • Blepharoplasty. The reshaping of a person’s eyelids, as well as the application of a permanent eyeliner. This is prevalent in Asian countries.
  • Phalloplasty. Also called “penile surgery”, this is the construction (or possibly a reconstruction) of the male reproductive part. This can also take the form of augmentation or any artificial modification, mostly for cosmetic purposes.
  • Mammoplasty. This can take the form of breast augmentation, reduction, of lifting (according to Augmentation is usually done by the addition of silicone gel prosthetics, as well as fat grafting. On the other hand, reduction is done through the removal of skin and glandular tissue. Studies show that most reduction mammoplasty procedures are done in order to help reduce the back and shoulder pain of women with gigantomastia. Men suffering from gynecomastia are also common patients.
  • Buttock augmentation. Much like mammoplasty, this process aims to improve the buttocks through silicone implants or fat grafting (such as in the “Brazilian butt lift”). Buttock lifting may also be done through the excision of any redundant skin.

A whole host of other treatments may be performed depending on a patient’s needs, but these are usually the most prevalent. It must be remembered that cosmetic surgery is a very specialized branch of surgery and one wrong move can turn any of these treatments awry. Therefore, it is important to know if your doctor has the requisite credentials, knowledge, and experience in performing cosmetic surgery.

All You Must Know about Liposuction

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Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful. This is why they try out a number of products from cosmetics that promise to make them look prettier to other means like better outfits and garments. However, liposuction techniques are something completely different. The process of liposuction is one which aims at cutting down and burning away the fats and lipids. The effect is that a person will look more physically streamlined and slim. However, liposuction has its own benefits and faults. The liposuction techniques available now are much in demand. Here is an overview of the best procedures and techniques as well.

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Basics And Evolution of Techniques

The liposuction techniques were first evolved in the 80s, when the typical process was the invasive form of surgery. This was known as dry liposuction and it was potentially dangerous and far more risky than other options available today. By the mid-90s, the newer technologies had become preferable and better. The next level was the tumescent level of liposuction which involved injecting fluids. The use of fluids helps to cut down risks of skin infections and other such hazards. Over the years, the other, more safe liposuction procedures have been launched as well. These have been some good developments over the years.

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before afere lipo

The Pros Of Liposuction

There are some really good ands beneficial advantages of using the lipo techniques. First of all, it must be said that using advanced lipo surgery will do you a lot of good. This is because instead of medicines and remedies which may be harmful, it would be better if you opt for surgery.

The Cons Of Liposuction

However, like every other surgical method of recovery, liposuction has its own share of cons and disadvantages as well. The thing is that liposuction is not as effective and safe as exercise. This means that lipo surgeries have their own side effects and so on. There can be stretching of skin, wearing out of skin and rashes as well. These are some of the main problems that can occur as a consequence of the problems which can come from lipo techniques. you should know all about them and take ample care and caution.

The Final word

Liposuction techniques have gone a long way from being the typically dry surgeries which had more than a few hazards and dangers. It is now an advanced way of removing fat from the body. It has certain great benefits like the quick way in which the fat can be actually cut out and the body can be made streamlined as well. However, liposuction methods have their own cons as well. There are also a number of side effects and adverse consequences of liposuction as well. Therefore, you should think and consider your options.


The Increasing Popularity of Liposuction among Women

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Liposuction is a popular surgical procedure used to remove or eliminate fat from your body. With excessive fat, you may risk suffering from many different kinds of health problems. Therefore, it is very important to reduce the amount of fat in your body. Although there are many traditional methods to reduce fat, liposuction is much faster and more effective than the rest.

For most women, accumulation of fat in the body takes place in thighs, abdomen, neck and buttocks shape up. Thus, liposuction treatment involves removal of unnecessary or excessive fat from these regions. It also depends on the doctor’s advice and patient’s preferences.

Why Do Women Prefer Liposuction Treatment?

Women are always more likely to be affected by rapid fat accumulation and weight gain. Most of the time, this is caused by unhealthy diets which may contain a lot of fat. Excessive consumption of unhealthy food is another major reason of fat accumulation.

Another good reason for fat accumulation and weight gain is lack of physical activity or exercise to burn extra calories in your body. Since alternative ways of losing weight and burning fat require sincerity, determination and sacrifice, women prefer liposuction treatment over other methods.

In addition to this, alternative methods can be very tedious and tiring. This is another reason why most women prefer liposuction treatment. With this method, you are able to determine the specific amount of fat you want to be removed from your body. Your doctor will be able to recommend the amount of fat you should get removed.

Another major benefit of liposuction is that it gives you the freedom to choose a particular part of your body from where you want fat to be removed. However, there are certain risks involved with this surgical treatment. You should stick to the instructions given by the doctor and the amount of fat he recommends to be removed.

Benefits of Having Laser Lipo

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Many people want to lose their weight quickly. There are a lot of fat removal procedures that are available today. You can select the right procedure that is good for your situation. Liposuction is a great method for helping you lose your weight quickly. Laser lipo can be a great technique that is recommended by many doctors today. This method utilizes all benefits from the laser fat removal technique. There are many benefits that are provided by this procedure. Here are some reasons why people need to use this fat removal method.

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1. Quick result

This is the main benefit that you can get from this method. When you want to lose weight instantly, you can consider using this method. Most surgeons are able to complete this procedure in a few hours. Many patients are interested with this type of liposuction because they want to eliminate their excess fat cells quickly. Its laser treatment can remove any fat cells from your body immediately.

2. Safe way to lose weight

This treatment is considered as one of the safest fat removal techniques. This method doesn’t involve any harmful surgical procedures for removing any fat cells from your body. Many surgeons also recommend this treatment because it is safe for most people. There is no significant side effect or health problem that can be caused by this method. You will never have to worry about getting any health problems in the future. If you want to lose your weight safely, you can consider using this safe fat removal procedure.

3. Short recovery period

When you have this method, you can recover from this situation very quickly. You are able to do your normal activities right after completing your fat removal procedure. It is very easy for your body to heal the wounds very quickly. This procedure utilizes laser treatment that is good for your body. This laser is not going to give a lot of damages to your body. Most patients are able to recover in a few days. You will never have to worry about getting any pain or nerve damages from this procedure.

They are some reasons why you have to use the smart lipo procedure. This method can be used to eliminate excess fat cells from your body completely. This treatment is recommended for you who want to improve your confidence level effectively. You will be very confident with your beautiful appearance and look. This liposuction method is very useful to shape your body by removing some excess fat cells from your body. Contact your favorite surgeon to discuss about this procedure.

Body jet water liposuction

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Most of the time people have relied on exercise and diet to help lose the excessive fat. This two are difficult and in most cases fail to clear away the fats. Body jet water liposuction is a new liposuction technique that helps flush away the unwanted fats by the gentle power of water. This is a completely new approach to lipoplasty that produces results with very minimal swelling, bruising and downtime. This method simultaneously dislodges fats from the body through the gentle jet of water. All fat cells are cleared away without damage to the nerves, surrounding tissues and blood vessels. The end result is well contoured body that lasts for a long periods as all the fat cells are cleared away.

How does it exactly work

This is a very safe method that uses gentle and a non-invasive approach to deliver the same results that liposuction offers. But this method bypasses the trauma and discomfort that is usually experienced in convectional liposuction.

A localized anesthesia is usually applied on the spot where the cannula will be introduced into the body.

The method basically uses highly concentrated water to help dislodge all the fats and fat cells from the body. The jet does not destroy the fats but instead loosen them so that they can be easily removed.

The method uses a suction cannula that moves freely detaching fats cells from the tissues limiting trauma to the surrounding tissues and blood vessels.

All the fats together with the excess fluid are removed through the suction as they get removed from the body. This area of the body does not swell and results can be seen immediately.

What can patients expect during the procedure?

The entire procedure is likely to take between 30 to 45 minutes in total depending on where it is been done. Majority of the patients can get back to their normal daily routines immediately as they recover immediately. Most of the patients have called the procedure a ‘lunch break lipo’ as they can have it over lunch and continue with their normal work after it’s done.

What are the benefits

There are usually very low medical risks meaning patients can have the procedure without any worry of a major medical complication. There is very minimal trauma, bruising and swelling on the patients.

The procedure takes very minimal downtime to complete. Patients should not be worried of lying down for hours as the liposuction takes place.

The procedure does not require a general body anesthesia; instead a localized anesthesia works well.

The procedure promotes a smooth natural appearance to the skin compared to the convectional liposuction.


Body jet water liposuction is the safety procedure resulting in less scarring, swelling, bruising, downtime and bleeding. It gives safer, gentle and its results are very consistent when compared to other liposuction methods. Patients can expect long lasting results within a very short time.