Cosmetic Procedures That Can be Performed Together

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Undergoing a single cosmetic surgery may not be enough for you to achieve the look that you want for your body and face. Sometimes it would require a combination of procedures for you to truly see the improvement. These combinations are essential to each other and they work to further improve what the other has corrected. Sometimes, these procedures are already grouped in packages because they are commonly requested together.  Below are some of the most common combination procedures that clients usually have.

Liposuction and Tummy Tuck

One of the most common cosmetic surgeries patients have is the liposuction and tummy tuck. When fat is removed from the tummy, there is a high chance that excess skin will also be present. It does not look good for you to have a fat less tummy but with sagging skin. To make sure that your abdomen will look good, a tummy tuck procedure can also be included so that the excess skin is removed.

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Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation

When a mom who has breastfed her child wants to restore her natural beauty, she can ask for a combination of this two. The breast lift will make her breast perkier and the breast augmentation will further improve the size and shape of her breast. With this combination, a mom can truly feel that her confidence is back. She will look as great as she did when she was still single, or better.

Facelift and Rhinoplasty

If you feel like your face has aged significantly, you can use facial reconstructive surgery to make yourself younger. You can combine having a new nose with the facelift to make yourself look better. This is great preparation when you are going to a very important event but just be sure that you give ample time for your skin to heal before you go to the special event. Your skin might have some redness you may experience soreness right after surgery.

Bleharoplasty and Face Lift

Another way to make you look more youthful and fresh is through blepharoplasty and a facelift. The blepharoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that deals with the eye lids to make it look less droopy. With the addition of a facelift, you will be able to have a fresher face once you have recovered from the surgery. You won’t even need to put on so much makeup because the surgery would be enough to make you look better than before.