Celebrities who have had Cosmetic surgery

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Celebrities have an image to protect because they earn money mostly through their looks. If they were not naturally given what they want to have, they would simply undergo a cosmetic surgery to change it for the better. This is the reason why it seems that celebrities don’t age and that they stay youthful and radiant even if years or even decades have passed. Let us take a look at some of the celebrities who have improved their looks through the power of cosmetic surgery.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Eyes

ellen gets plastic surgery - facelift

Have you seen the Ellen show lately? Do you notice how she looks really fresh and youthful? This is all thanks to the face and eyelift that she had. Her cosmetic surgery is a perfect example of looking younger without looking like you can’t make any expression on your face. This just proves that a little goes a long way.

Nicole Richie’s Breast Augmentation

Making her breast look larger just made her body even hotter. The natural cup size that she chose was perfect and suitable for her body size and frame. Now the petite blonde looks even better when she chooses to go to the beach and flaunt her sexy body in her two piece bikini.

Helen Mirren’s Facelift

Age is something that goes naturally and our sagging skin is a testimony to that. Good thing there are facelifts to make things look better. Although Helen Mirren is already old by Hollywood standards, she looks 10 years younger with her facelift.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Breast Enhancements

The mother of two just made a slight change by enhancing her breasts to a size that is just right for her. She loves the idea of cosmetic surgery and although she already had one, she claims she has no plans of any other surgery in the near future but is open to it after a quite some time.