ASPS Reports 2012 Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Stats

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Like clockwork, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released its 2012 statistics about plastic surgery treatments administered in the past year. ASPS reported that cosmetic procedures saw a 5% increase in 2012.

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ASPS Reveals 2012 Statistics for Plastic Surgery Procedures

While some surgical procedures were down 2%, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments were up 6%. Reconstructive surgeries increased 1% over 2011.  Facial rejuvenation procedures—especially minimally invasive ones—saw the biggest increases, with facelifts, Botox and filler injections (like Restylane), and eyelid treatments being the most popular. Laser hair removal also increased in popularity for aesthetic results. Male breast reduction to reverse gynecomastia (breast development) rose 5% in 2012.

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