Healthy Habits and Motivation Keep the Fat Away After Body Contouring

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It is a common question for patients to ask: Can the removed fat “grow back” or return after a Smartlipo or liposuction procedure? There is a misconception that once the fat is removed from any area of the body via lipolysis, that the fat will not return or weight gain will not occur in that same area in the future – under any circumstance. Most people believe that if weight gain did occur after liposculpting, that the weight would be distributed to a different area of the body.

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It is true that once the targeted fatty deposits are removed, the specific results can be permanent. Currently there is no technological device or plastic surgery procedure that can absolutely “guarantee permanent results.” The truth is, patients have to be more accountable for the results of an elective procedure. Although it is true that the extracted and removed fat cells do not grow back, weight gain can occur again in that same region, especially if patients do not follow the post-operative treatment plan after surgery.  Patients who yo-yo back and forth with weight and dieting may not get the long-term results they desire, because liposuction procedures are not meant to be used as a quick fix or in lieu of proper diet and lifestyle.

Smartlipo and other forms of lipolysis can be very effective in the removal of unwanted, stubborn fat that is unresponsive to diet and exercise. These procedures can help define contour, shape, mold and melt and shave off a few pounds and patients will get the best results from these procedures if:

  • Healthy lifestyle, diet  and exercise are used to control and maintain weight first
  • If the patient is within 20-30 pounds of their ideal weight before the lipo procedure
  • If patients follow the exact instructions after a Smartlipo procedure to ensure best results
  • If patients are motivated to eat right, exercise and practice healthy habits after the procedure

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