Who Wants Energy? Here Are 6 Natural Energy Boosts

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Everyone is looking for a fast fix to get energy to get through the day, we take 5 hour shots and drink cup after cup of coffee. Day after day we continue our cycle and eventually the coffee isn’t enough and neither are the energy shots.

After consuming these chemicals our body feels like we’re in a slump. However, if you chose a more natural approach for energy you feel better and still get the energy you need to get through the day.

Who Wants Energy

Here Are 6 Natural Energy Boosts:

1.Meyer Lemons: Lemons are great for your body because they clean the liver, and help the body detox. By using the lemons daily you will wake your digestive system up and your organs will get healthier. Best ways to use the lemon; in your morning tea, desserts, salad dressings and more.
2. Goji Berries: Goji Berries are one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet; they are filled with vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, iron, beta carotene and protein. They are actually the Tibetan monks favorite food. Best ways to eat the Goji berry are great snacks to eat plain, or to add to tea.
3. Bee Pollen: One teaspoon of bee pollen contains billions of grains. The grains have protein, carbohydrates and B vitamins. It is actually a natural energizer. Bee pollen boosts immunity, treats allergies and supports the heart. The best way to eat the bee pollen is to add to a fruit salad, smoothie or just take a teaspoon.
4. Matcha (Green Tea From Japan): This is a green powder that posts energy, has antioxidants, beta carotene, fiber, vitamins and minerals. This actually has caffeine within the tea and helps make you moving throughout the day. You can add the powder to a smoothie, drink it as hot tea.
5. Maca: Maca is loaded with minerals and help balance hormones in men and women. Maca will keep you energized for hours. You can add Maca to a morning smoothie. The best part about Maca is, it is a natural mood booster!
6. Magnesium: This natural booster actually helps you sleep; you will fall asleep faster and stay sleeping through the night which many people need! After having an energetic day, you need that sleep that will make you feel rested so you can go about your days every day. You can find magnesium in bananas, dates, almonds, quiona and pumpkin seeds, also can cause in supplement form.

By using some of these different ingredients you will find yourself naturally on energy high without the crash!