What Is A Labiaplasty And Why Are They Performed?

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Although it may not be something comfortable to talk about, for those women who need the a labiaplasty, it is even more uncomfortable to live with. Labiaplasty is a surgery that is performed to improve the size of the labia in women who have an enlarged labia presentation. When the female organ is too large, it can not only cause self-esteem problems, in some cases, it can cause pain during intercourse, or when certain tight fitting clothes are worn. There was a time when labiaplasty was done only in extreme cases, but with innovative advances that have been made, labiaplasty is a viable option for many women with little down time, and at a greatly reduced cost.

What is A Labiaplasty

Having an enlarged labia is something that most of us don’t think about, unless you are someone who has one. When the labia is enlarged it is not only something that can make a women very self conscious, it can also be something that alters their way of life. Causing sexual intercourse to be painful, and for clothes to be uncomfortable, it is not just something that is unsightly, it is something that can disrupt the life of a woman and lower her quality of life.

If you are someone who would like to get information about a labiaplasty, there are many reputable surgeons who can not only walk you through the procedure, but decide upon the best course for your surgical options. With so many innovative advances being made, the possibility to change the appearance of your labia, and your life overall, is not only possible, it is well within your reach.