Tummy Tucks for Men

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A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure, also called an abdominoplasty, that improves the size and shape of the abdomen. It can help tighten skin that is lose, remove fat and remove and tone excess skin around the midsection. While these types of cosmetic procedures are generally related to women, men can also get the tummy tuck procedure. It is common for men to get this procedure after losing weight, when the abdomen isn’t looking how they want.

How Does the Abdominoplasty Help Men?

As mentioned above, the tummy tuck helps a men get a more visually appealing midsection. The tummy tuck can do many things, ranging from tightening skin to removing excess fat. Many men are starting a fitness routine that gives them excellent abdominal muscles, but the fat over the muscles are blocking them. To show more defined muscle definition, a tummy tuck is done for the fat and skin around these muscles. If skin is loose, it is nearly impossible to remedy just through diet and exercise. In this case, a procedure like a tummy tuck helps tone and tighten the problem areas.

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The Consultation

Before getting the procedure, you will have a consultation. During this appointment, the plastic surgeon looks at your medical history, weighs you and views your problem areas. Yu will need to explain why you want a tummy tuck, about your current lifestyle and what you have attempted on your own to get rid of the loose skin or loose muscles in this region. Your surgeon wants to know this wasn’t your first stop and you have already tried different types of exercises. The consultation is also when your doctor explains things like the procedure, aftercare and costs.

How is the Procedure Performed?

If you have been approved for the tummy tuck, you will first get pre-care instructions, such as stopping medications before the doctor’s appointment. During the procedure, liposuction is sometimes the first step if there is excess fat. After that, your doctor will make an incision in order to remove other fat pockets and excess skin in the abdomen. They are going to improve the shape of the abdomen by trimming your skin and placing your abdominal muscles above the belly button.

What is Recovery Like?

After the procedure is done, your doctor or nurse will provide you with aftercare instructions. You should be aware you might have a little drainage from the incision sites. This isn’t a problem unless it is very foul smelling, in which it might be due to an infection. You will have a little soreness, bruising and redness as well. Recovery is hardest during the first three days, when you should be getting plenty of rest. After that, limit your activity for a few weeks. Do not resume normal activities until you have gotten permission from your doctor.

Tummy tucks for men are an option for improving the look of the abdomen, with very minimal scarring. Discuss the options with your doctor if it sounds like something you would be interested in.