Top questions of a liposuction patient

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If you are looking for information online, it is most likely you start at google. But there also other channels if you are interested in getting more informed if you are considering a plastic procedure, like liposuction.

Who searches for liposuction?

The average person searching for liposuction, is looking for doctors, testimonials, pictures of other patients (how they looked before and how they look after their transformation – is it noticeable ? did they change ? do they look better? does the liposuction seem obvious – or does it look more like a natural weight loss and a gym intensive shape up? ). The following are a set of frequently asked questions by first timers of liposuction (i.e. people who still haven’t had a cosmetic / plastic procedure performed on them):

  • How much does it cost?

    This is usually one of the first questions potential patients formulate, and there should be no surprise. People know that a cosmetic or plastic procedure is not cheap. It is not like going for a day to a spa, nor to get a fancy haircut. They know from popular knowledge that plastic surgery is done by professionals, and that these surgeons value their work, because of their training, the equipment, and the seriousness and responsibility the procedures have to be performed. Although risks are known to be minimal, the doctors warn patients about the possible outcomes during and after the intervention.
  • How will I look like after?

    Most doctors don’t make solid promises on how patients will look like after the intervention (the liposuction). Some professionals consider it an irresponsible practice to guarantee the patient a precise look of their bodies. The doctor will show the patient pictures of other patients, depicting how they looked before and how they do look now after the lipo. This does not promise a certain sculpted body, but it gives patients a certainty (it makes them more secure – that this surgeon is capable of achieving such results and for a considerable number of patients) and it also motivates them to move forward with the surgery.
  •  Will I keep my new looks?
    New Patients see pictures of other patients, this motivates them. But of course these pictures are taken shortly after the procedure (usually a few weeks after). How do patients look several weeks, months, years after? They value their investment – paying 10 grand to look great for a less than a year (not making it in a smart shape till the next summer –and not being able to try out that new swimsuit and show off that beach body –is a concern, for certain a very valid concern).  Of course surgeons can’t promise that the results are definite, but keeping it healthy is key in extend the results over time.  Exercise regularly, keep reasonable eating habits (cut on carbs, keep up your proteins, avoid fats and count calories) and you will not have problems in maintaining that hot new look.
  • Does it hurt?
    This is a common question, although not as popular as the first 3. Patients are concerned of the pain, after the procedure. It is not an obstacle that will keep demotivate them to go on with the surgery. There might be some mild pain shortly after the anesthesia draws back.