Which Country leads by the number of Cosmetic Procedures?

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Brazil surpassed the USA in the number of performed cosmetic surgeries last year (2013). According to the ISAPS (international society of aesthetic plastic surgery), while in the States the number of procedures were around 1,45 million in Brazil during the same period 1,49 million cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries were recorded.


This is the first time that a different country (other than the USA) grabs the top spot in the ranking of countries and plastic procedures.

The Brazilians themselves argue that the reasons of the rise in procedures in the largest south American country, might lie in the increasing wealthy population. Also added the fact that cosmetic and plastic surgery prices drop every year (mostly due to lower prices in medical supplies and the increasing competition – new doctors graduate every year in Brazil – making competition stronger and forcing other surgeons to keep up in competition with prices and special cosmetic offers).

Brazil maintains the number 1 in 10 of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Among the listed procedures are “Vaginal rejuvenation” , “Abdominal definition – aka High Def Liposuction” and Hair Transplants, “Brazilian Butt Lifts”, and of course the usual “Breast Augmentation and “Liposuction” complete the list.

It is no surprise to see the buttocks augmentation in the list of top procedures. Brazilian plastic surgeons are pioneers in the famous “Brazilian Butt Lift” technique used to enhance the female behind (this surgery is not only thought for women, a low but increasing number of men are opting to have their buttocks increased in size).

Brazilians are open minded and somewhat used to be surrounded by sculptural bodies, just take a walk along the beach line in Copa cabana in Rio de Janeiro. You will witness the dedication to beauty and the importance Brazilians put into their physical appearances.

Brazilian cosmetics in numbers:

  • From 2008 to 2011 – 41% increase in plastic and cosmetic surgery patients in Brazil.
  • The size of the Brazilian middle class represents 51% of the population


The other places in the list of countries are:

+   Mexico (close to the million procedures last year)

+   Germany (650.000 cosmetic procedures)

+   Spain (450.000 procedures)

Louis Cole

Dr. Cole has been trained and is certified to perform SmartLipo, tumescent liposuction, power assisted liposuction and fat transfer to the breast and buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift). He regularly attends national and international cosmetic surgery meetings and learns the latest in cutting-edge procedures.

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