The Differences Between Thermage, Smart Lipo And Ultherapy

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If you want to stay young, sexy and appealing, there are a lot of procedures available now that you may want to consider. Three of the most common procedures today are thermage, smart lipo and ultherapy. In this article, we will be explaining and contrasting the three in order to help you on your decision if you really want to undergo any of the three.

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Thermage is a procedure that helps tighten the skin. It is a non-invasive method that uses radiofrequency energy to achieve the needed result. In addition to this, it can also tone and tighten neck and facial skin at the same time.


Smart lipo is a type of liposuction procedure. It aims to reduce the amount of fats in certain parts of the body. Before removing that fat from the body, it is first liquefied using laser. The fat is then removed using a small tube. Although, the doctor can also opt to just leave the fat so that it can be absorbed by the body.


Ultherapy is another non-invasive skin treatment for facial skin. It aims to tone and lift the skin. If thermage uses radiofrequency energy, ultratherapy, on the other hand, uses ultrasound. The procedure will result to the formation of new collagen for the skin.

Recovery Time

Both ultratherapy and thermage do not have a specific recovery time. In fact, you can go back to your regular activities after the procedure. However, you may not achieve the perfect lift in just one appointment, so you will need to go back to your doctor. You should also take note that you can expect some swelling after ultherapy. For the smart lipo procedure, you may need to rest for around four days or until the swelling of your body will lessen. Recovery time for smart lipo is a lot faster compared to the traditional liposuction.

Cost of Thermage

When it comes to price, it is best to just compare thermage and ultratherapy since the two are very similar in what they want to achieve. In general, ultratherapy is more expensive by at least $300 dollars more. One thermage treatment costs around $2,400 while the other one costs around $2,700.

For the smart lipo, the price will depend on many factors such as location and doctor. On average, it costs around $5,000.