The 3 P’s To Plastic Surgery

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Now days you can get plastic surgery just about anywhere, whether you got to the beauty salon or if you go to the dermatologist. They are now giving lip injections at the beauty salon and butt injections at the dermatologist. Recently we have heard of some terrible cases of women thinking they are getting injected with the proper product and then later finding out they were getting injected with such products as fix a flat.

3 P's To Plastic Surgery

Just as it is important to eat the right foods, it is even more important to know exactly what you’re getting injected into your body. To help you there are 3 p’s of cosmetic surgery to live by:  Practitioner, Product, and Place.

  1. Practitioner- It is important to know the plastic surgeon, or any licensed professional that will be performing your procedure. It is important to ask questions such as, where did they go to school? How many times have they performed this procedure? Can you speak with previous patients?
  2. Product- Always make sure the product is FDA approved, and that you have done research about the product. Depending on which procedure you’re having done will depend on which product you will be using. It is important to know the different injections they use such as Juvederm, Restly, Radieses and more. If your surgeon does not give you answers or does not know the answers to your questions of the product it is best to find a different surgeon.
  3. Place- Make sure that your surrounds are safe and clean. For example, you would not want to get botox done in someone’s garage. Find a facility that makes you feel comfortable, and always make sure that the facility has the proper equipment.

It’s always exciting to have a cosmetic procedure done, but it is not exciting when it does not go right and causes harm to your body. This is why it is so important to remember the P’s. Good luck and hope the best for your procedure.