Surgeon Advises Patients Should Quit Smoking Before or After Procedure

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Smoking is known as a bad habit, because of the many health risks it imposes. People who smoke cigarettes increase their chances of heart disease, lung disease, cancer, pulmonary issues and other medical heath issues.

Quit Smoking For Your Health By the Keep Calm Creators

Quit Smoking For Your Health By the Keep Calm Creators

If you are a smoker, and you are considering a cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure, then this may be a great time to double up on the opportunity for self-improvement.

Patients who are planning to have an aesthetic procedure such as liposuction or surgery of the face, body or breasts are advised to quit smoking for at least two weeks before and after surgery to allow proper healing. Cigarettes contain nicotine which constricts blood vessels and slows oxygen delivery to the cells, which is very important to the healing and recovery process. Smoking before or after surgery can also cause complications with anesthesia, and increase risks of infection.

Dr. Shain Cuber of Associates in Plastic Surgery located in New Jersey and New York is a board-certified plastic surgeon “Most doctors recommend to quit for a minimum of two weeks before and two weeks after surgery.”

If patients are willing to invest in surgery to make a cosmetic change to improve the way they look and feel, then this is a prime time and opportunity to quit smoking, which can only have adverse effects on health and also reverse the benefits of cosmetic procedures.

Any time is a good time to kick the habit in the butt.

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