Stem Cell Enhancements and Fat Transfers: New Frontier of Medicine

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Stem cell research remains on cutting edge of scientific medical advances, and in recent years the use of fat derived stem cells has carved its way into the aesthetic, cosmetic and plastic surgery industry.

Stem Cell Fat Transfer Procedures Serious Business

Stem Cell Fat Transfer Procedures Serious Business

Despite the fact that fat transfer procedures have been a dominating topic at aesthetic and plastic surgery conferences and conventions – as surgeons and specialist have flocked to learn more about the most modern uses, applications and techniques from pioneers and experts, and despite the fact that surgeons who pioneered and trained others to perform newer  procedures such as, natural fat transfer breast augmentation and buttock enhancement procedures, only now is the non-aesthetic medical community recognizing and denoting the influence stem cell uses will have for plastic surgeons and their patients as pointed out in the Spring edition of New Beauty Magazine and in Medical SpaMD by Paula D. Young RN, author of the Medical Spa Aesthetics Course, Study Guide, and Advanced IPL & Laser Training course for medical estheticians and laser technicians and Manager of Operations and Training at Young Medical Spa.

The most common use of stem cells for aesthetic specialists and plastic surgeons is the use of fat-derived stem cells. Liposuction or fat removal is the most widely performed procedure in the world. The fat extracted during a liposuction procedure can be harvested. Once processed, a large amount of stem cells will remain, which can be re-purposed and transferred to enhance another area. When the fat is removed from a donor area (hips, waist, abdomen) it harvested and processed using a multi-step process and highly specialized techniques that require additives and sterilization, before re-injecting the processed fat into another, more desirous area to gain volume and restore, youth, beauty and  proportion, for example: the face, breasts or buttocks.

Because stem cell uses and fat transfer procedure are a burgeoning area in cosmetic surgery procedures, surgeons who are contemplating “jumping on the band-wagon” should take this area of specialty seriously.

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