Smartlipo: Target and Remove Fat From Nearly Any Location

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The increasing popularity of lipolysis has remained stable. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) more than 202,000 procedures liposuction procedures were reported in 2012 and have only decreased 1 percent in the last year. Body contouring is still the most widely performed cosmetic procedure in the world.

Smartlipo remains in high demand for laser-assisted body sculpting, because the technology and applications of the device allow surgeons to literally shape and sculpt nearly any targeted area of the body, even smaller areas around the face, neck and chin.

Smartlipo Target Areas

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Here the most common target areas treated with Smartlipo:

Chin and Neck

Upper Arms

Female Breast Area

Male Breast Area (Gynecomastia)



Love Handles


Upper Abdomen: Tummy/Belly

Lower Abdomen




Lower Calves

Upper Ankles

All SmartLipo™ laser devices are designed to sculpt, shape and tighten the skin and tissue around the targeted areas as the fat is removed during the procedure.  So patients get a dual treatment with every area treated.

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