Smart Lipo vs. Traditional Lipo

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Curious as to what sets apart the Smart Lipo procedure and the more traditional Lipo procedure? There are many ways in which they are different and a few things that make them similar. If you are now making the decision on which procedure is best fits for you, here is the comparison.

The Procedures

There are some differences between the two types of procedures. Traditional lipo uses a large incision to suction out the fat through a vacuum-like device, while the Smart Lipo procedure uses lasers and a very small incision for the cannula. There is bruising with the traditional Lipo procedure and it can result in additional swelling from the trauma of the device movement. Traditional Lipo is done with anesthesia and is more invasive than the Smart Lipo. Recovery times vary as well, with traditional Lipo patients seeing several weeks of recovery time versus two to three days with Smart Lipo.

The Recovery Process

Since Smart Lipo involves the use of lasers, instead of pushing and pulling of the fat-sucking device, there will be less pain involved and there is less trauma to the body. It is less invasive as well. While there will be varying recovery times no matter which procedure you choose, typically Smart Lipo has less recovery involved. Traditional Lipo has more recovery time needed, more swelling, and more pain.

The Final Results

Smart Lipo has less dramatic results than the traditional Lipo procedure due to the use of lasers working on small areas of the body. Traditional Lipo works on any area of the body where it needs fat reduction, therefore you can get better results that are not as subtle as Smart Lipo.

Smartlipo vs Traditional Liposuction

If you need toning and trimming of the body, Smart Lipo is better for you. If you need far-reaching dramatic results, perhaps the traditional Lipo is best suited. You may need more than one procedure to achieve the results that you are wanting to see, no matter which procedure you choose.

As you can see there are similarities and differences between the Smart Lipo procedure and the traditional Lipo procedure. Deciding which suits you should be done after careful consideration of the pros and cons of each procedure and after a thorough discussion with a qualified surgeon.