Questions Answered About Recovering from A Breast Lift

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Do you have questions about the recovery process for a breast lift? Are you considering having your breasts lifted and worry about the downtime and what to expect? There are many questions you may be having about the procedure and the after-effects. Breast lifts are a major surgery and you’ll have to reschedule some of your daily events to make allowances for how you’ll feel afterwards. Here are some of the most asked questions about recovery, answered.

How Will Things Be Right After the Surgery?

You’ll want to get out of the bed periodically after the surgery is completed. While you’ll continue to be able to move with less discomfort after a few days, you’ll be restricted from bending, lifting, and straining your body. You will probably be advised to sleep on your back for a while. There will be a few weeks where you will be wearing a support bra or sports bra to keep your breasts confined. There may be temporary numbness or sensation problems in the breasts and nipples. Incisions start out red or pink, but fade over the next few months.

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How Will the Recovery Go?

You can get back to your job after a week or so and after a month will be able to take on normal daily activities. Your doctor may ask you to refrain from sexual intercourse for the next two weeks or so, just to make sure you are healing correctly first. Anything dealing with your breasts must be gentle and slow while the tissues heal.

Will the Results be Long Lasting?

The results should last indefinitely without extreme weight gain or pregnancy. While gravity as you age will change them a bit over time, only weight fluxuations will make major changes in the breast appearance following the procedure.

Breast Lifts are a major undergoing. They’ll take some downtime to get back to your normal routine and you’ll have some side effects to deal with such as swelling, bruising, redness, and discomfort. You may have a higher risk for infection, and if you see signs of it such as major redness, warmth, or pus leaking from an incision site, you should tell your doctor. Most risks are mild and temporary. Talk with your doctor should you be concerned about your breast lift and the recovery from it.