New York Surgeon Discusses Brazilian Butt Lift Transformation Using Smartlipo

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We had the opportunity to catch up with Dr. Basil Pakeman, of Manhattan Surgical Care in New York for some Q & A about Smartlipo and fat transfers. Dr. Pakeman specializes in Liposurgery and also fat transfer procedures, and has been a top-featured surgeon on for years.

Here, Dr. Pakeman provides answers to commonly asked questions to help patients get a better understanding of the latest procedures using advanced technologies, like Smartlipo and Cellulaze to remove unwanted fat and cellulite and get better results for women who are considering a Brazilian Butt Lift and for both men and women who want to contour their bodies. We appreciate his time in answering the following questions:

1.      Can you please describe the advantages of using Smartlipo technologies for Brazilian Butt Lift and Fat Transfer procedures?
In some patients having a Brazilian Buttlift, Smartlipo treatment to the skin can greatly enhance the results of their body sculpting procedure. Smartlipo is used primarily to tighten the skin. Smartlipo is not used prior to the fat removal, only after the fat is removed. We begin by removing the fat very gently via gentle liposuction. Next, the fat is processed and transferred to the patient for the Brazilian Butt Lift, therefore reshaping and enhancing the buttocks and hip areas. The final step, is to use the Smartlipo laser to treat the patients skin in order to achieve a more smooth, natural and tighter appearance. At no point in the surgery will the laser be used on the fat that will be transferred to the patient. The results will be a very curvy, hourglass shape combined with a great looking buttocks and skin!


2.      Are there other special devices or technologies that help you achieve refined results?
Some of the more exciting procedures that enhance the results of the Brazilian Butt Lift are cellulite treatments with Cellulaze, and PRP (platelet rich plasma). Cellulaze is a highly specialized laser that targets unwanted cellulite. After the Brazilian Butt Lift and body sculpting, a patient can now enhance the look even more by removing unwanted cellulite from the legs. The legs will have a smooth more healthy appearance, no more dimples, lumps, and bumps. Cellulaze has been a great advancement in the treatment of cellulite. Never before has any other procedure been considered more long lasting. It is the only FDA approved long-term treatment. It works by simply disrupting the trapped pockets of fat, releasing the fibrous bands that pull the skin down thus creating the indentation, and it stimulates collagen growth for a thicker healthier younger looking skin! Another procedure that enhances the results is PRP. It is an injection of one’s own blood platelets and growth factors that helps to preserve and enhance the growth of newly transferred fat cells.

3.      Have you seen a dramatic increase in patients requesting fat transfer and buttock enhancement procedures in the past three years?
There has been a progressive increase in recent years with fat transfer procedures to the buttocks (Brazilian Buttlift), face and breasts. Three years ago Smartlipo was one of the most sought after procedures, and now it is being rivaled by the Brazilian ButtLift. The popularity of curvier more shapely exotic bodies has changed the trend. Women especially want the benefits of the body sculpting from the Liposuction as well as the rounder hips and perky buttocks. You get a 2 for 1 deal!

4.      What are your most popular Smartlipo procedures?
Our most popular liposuction procedures for males are chest, abdomen, and love handles. As for women, the most popular is Lipo of the full back versus the abdomen. The dramatic results of having the back liposuction can make you look significantly thinner. Whereas, if you lipo just the abdomen you can achieve a flat abdomen but have a wider appearance. At my practice, when the full back is liposuctioned, it includes the waist and sacral area. The results are a narrow natural hour glass shape that many women prefer.

5.      How many years have you been performing Smartlipo?
I have been performing Smartlipo since the FDA approval in 2006. I was among the selected few in NYC to be hand chosen by Cynosure to have the Smartlipo technology and staff training. Prior to Smartlipo I performed tumescent liposuction for over 12 years.

6.      What is the average cost or a Brazilian Butt Lift at your clinic?
The average cost is determined by how many areas a person needs to have Liposuctioned.  For example, one area of Lipo with a Fat Transfer can start At $6,500. The price will depend on how many areas need to be treated with liposuction. A complimentary evaluation is required, in order to obtain a more customized & accurate estimate.

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