Liposuction Trends for 2014

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In 2014, all different areas of plastic surgery are going to rise in popularity, including liposuction. Not only is traditional liposuction still very much popular, but there are constantly new methods being developed for quicker results and easier recovery time. The following trends are as minimally invasive as possible and will among the biggest liposuction for the coming 2014 year. Consider any one of these procedures for getting rid of stubborn fat.


Laser Liposuction

One of the popular liposuction trends for 2014 is going to be laser liposuction. It has been around for a couple years, and continues to be popular. It has even been nicknamed the “lunch hour lipo” because of  how quickly it can be done with very minimal side effects. In about an hour, you are completely done with the liposuction and it is virtually painless. The laser breaks up the fat in the area you are getting it done, plus helping to tighten your skin.

Ultrasonic Liposuction

The ultrasonic method for removing fat with liposuction is also starting to be used more often and will become a big trend in 2014. With this type of liposuction, high energy s used in order to melt the fat before it is removed. Because there are complications like longer recovery times, it is essential that you do your research when choosing a plastic surgeon for ultrasonic liposuction.

Breast Liposuction

Another popular trend coming up in 2014 is going to be with breast liposuction. This is known as one of the best alternatives to breast reduction surgery, as it is less invasive and offers excellent results. For individuals who are not happy with the size or sagging of their breasts can choose to get liposuction in this area of their body. It will remove the fat from the breasts, and won’t have the large scar than some breast reduction surgeries do.


One of the newest types of liposuction is called lipoglaze. This procedure was previously done for the lower pouch of the stomach that is often difficult to minimize with fitness and diet, but is now becoming popular with the inner thighs. Women are getting this done to have a larger thigh gaps, where their legs do not touch above the knee.

Research plastic surgeons before choosing one to perform your liposuction, regardless of which procedure you choose in 2014. You can also go for traditional liposuction, which is still very much in effect.