Is A Mini Arm Lift For You?

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The mini arm lift procedure is a type of plastic surgery procedure for tightening loose and sagging skin under the arm. Also known as a mini brachioplasty, the surgery might remove some extra skin, or simply tighten the skin in this area. The mini arm lift is different from a traditional procedure, in which has minimal scarring and is minimally invasive.

Benefits of Mini Arm Lifts

There are a wide range of benefits to getting the mini arm lifts, both for patients who recently lost a good deal of weight and have extra skin, as well as someone who simply wants a tighter appearance under their arm.

mini arm lift

Tightening the Skin – Mini arm lifts can help tighten loose skin that is under the arm. This loose skin can be bothersome for people who have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, or older patients who have loose and sagging skin.

Correct Sagging Skin – Aside from just wanting to tighten loose skin, the mini arm lift also lets patients correct mild to moderate sagging skin problems in this area of the body.

Easy Recovery – Because it is only a mini arm lift procedure, it is less invasive, thus has a lower healing time. Recovery is much easier and most people are back to their normal activities in only a few days. The more you follow your doctor’s aftercare instructions, the better your recovery will be.

Most People are Candidates – Unlike other cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures, there isn’t a long list of people who make good candidates for the mini arm lift. Anyone in good physical health with loose or sagging skin makes a good candidate.

Small Scar – Traditional brachioplasties cause a scar from the elbow to the armpit area, due to needing to tighten and remove a large amount of skin. If you are a candidate for the mini arm lift, you only have a small scar in your armpit area, where most people won’t even notice it.

Your doctor will ask you to rest for the first couple days after surgery and take pills as they are prescribed to you. After the first few days, you should be fine with normal activities, but might want to take it easy at first. Remember after the surgery there might be some swelling or bruising, but this will get better during the healing process. While you are healing, don’t smoke as this weakens your immune system.