How to Choose the Right Surgeon for a Breast Implant

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Breast augmentation operation restores or increases breast size using fat transfer. As one of the most famous and regularly performed aesthetic surgery techniques, breast augmentation has an extensive and triumphant record in satisfying many women who desire to regain, enhance or reinstate balance to their shapes. However, whatever makes all this successful is a reliable and competent surgeon. This is because they are the doctors who perform the technique effectively and advise you accordingly after the surgery. So how do you know the right surgeon for the job?

There are various ways to ensure that the plastic surgeon you select is the best in your area. The most important thing to do is to check their credentials. Implants-third breast procedures are very delicate to perform and so the performing doctor must be very competent and efficient in their work. For this reason, the surgeon must be board certified and licensed. You can go to their website and do some thorough research about this.

Apart from researching, you must be able to get patients testimonials after procedures are undertaken. You can also look at pictures that show before and after surgery. After you find a board certified surgeon for the job, call his office to make a date for your consultation. Talk to his or her patient coordinator to know the much you can about the surgeon and his practice. The meeting will give you the chance to see how comfy you feel with the doctor. Also, due to the deep nature of the discussion, cost is normally linked with the visit.

In conclusion, it is not quite known why some individuals opt for implants-third-breast operations, but what’s sure is that these are not simple procedures thus should be handled with much care. You should know the limitations and risks associated with this technique before you decide to have it done. All this can be assured during your initial visit at the doctor’s.

J. Joffrey

Lead surgeon of Dr. Joffrey obtained training in advanced body contouring and liposuction from multiple experts across the country including the inventor of tumescent liposuction. He is also one of the country's leading experts on fat transfer to the face and body and a pioneer in fat transfer breast augmentation along with his colleague, Dr. J. Wallace, MD.