Breast implants build confidence for many woman

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Beauty obsessed Venezuelans women face breast implants shortage. The shortage has made women to turn for the desperate measures including using devices that are wrong size or made in china- obviously, they don’t meet the set quality standards. Venezuelans women once had an easy access to breast implants approved by the United States, Food and Drug Administration. But due to restrictive economy, local business have been deprived the cash to import foreign goods necessary for the operation.

According to Dr. Ernesto Mendoza, a surgeon who has specialized in plastic and reconstructive surgery based in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, the government policy to control currency has become so tight that it is difficult for cosmetic surgeons to import the preferred and more effective and safe American implants, thus they have turned to cheaper and riskier made in china alternatives. In fact, the Venezuela government is in control of currency such that they decide who get access to foreign currencies, including dollars.

Venezuela is well known for its socialist economic policies and the beauty queens. But this is not mystery because the country is known to suffer shortage of everything including staple food, toilet paper, bread, but breast implants and other medical supplies are the latest on the list of scarce items breast implants are also the most overlooked item.

Cosmetic surgeries especially breast surgery is very popular in Venezuela. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, more than 85,000 breast surgeries are done in Venezuela. Only Germany, United States, Mexico and Brazil perform more breast surgeries than Venezuela.

Is shortage of breast implants affecting women only?

Venezuela is known for its beauty queens who perform in international platforms. The shortage of breast implants is not only affecting women who would like to have breast augmentation, but will also hurt the future culture and history of the country.

Louis Cole
Dr. Cole has been trained and is certified to perform SmartLipo, tumescent liposuction, power assisted liposuction and fat transfer to the breast and buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift). He regularly attends national and international cosmetic surgery meetings and learns the latest in cutting-edge procedures.

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