Getting Rid of That Double Chin with Laser Lipo

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Back in the days before advanced laser liposuction technology devices, smaller instruments and micro-cannulas, there were fewer options for patients who wanted to shape and contour their face, jaw and neck-line, without having a facelift or more invasive surgical procedures.

Now, cosmetic and plastic surgeons can get dramatic results with lower facial, chin and neck contouring using modern liposuction technologies, like Smartlipo TriPlex.

Men and women can accumulate excess fat and skin around the lower face, jowls, chin and neck. These are some of the first areas impacted by gravity and age. The first physical signs of facial aging, aside from wrinkles and crows-feet (which can be addressed with Botox and dermal fillers) will be sagging jowls, a double-chin, and lose skin called a “turkey neck” or “neck-waddle” that hangs between the chin and neck. The pronounced appearance of saggy jowls, a double-chin or waddle may depend on weight, age and a patient’s facial structure. For people who are overweight, these issues may appear at a younger age, too. Bristol Palin was believed to have facial contouring via liposuction with a cosmetic makeover in the last few years to accentuate her lower features and help define her chin.

Dr. William Hall Featured In US Magazine for Celebrity Makeover Featuring patient CeCe Peniston

Dr. William Hall Featured In US Magazine for Celebrity Makeover Featuring patient CeCe Peniston

Dr. William Hall, Founder of Infini Cosmetic Associates in Scottsdale, Arizona is a known lipo-specialist. In 2010, Dr. Hall performed a celebrity makeover on R&B singer CeCe Peniston, where he performed body contouring and laser-sculpting on several areas of the body and face, including the lower jaw and neck-line. His before and after work was featured in US magazine, and she looked amazing weeks after her procedure, especially her newly defined facial features and figure!

In addition, Dr. Hall’s liposuction documentary featuring patient “Kelli” is one of the most viewed liposuction videos, ever.

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