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In an article titled “What’s So Great About SmartLipo?” cosmetic surgeon and board certified physician, Dr. Emmanuel Asare of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York points out the popularity of Smartlipo over traditional liposuction. Smartlipo utilizes advanced laser-assisted technologies allowing surgeons to “literally ‘burn’ your fat away with a painless procedure done through small incisions, which is an appealing option for many people.”

Smartlipo is not a procedure used to remove massive amounts of unwanted fat. But it is rather “for people who have stubborn problem areas that working out and eating well just can’t solve.”

Dr. Emmanuel Asare Features Benefits of Smartlipo

Dr. Emmanuel Asare Features Benefits of Smartlipo

Laser liposuction is minimally invasive, therefore patients with a busy lifestyle will experience much less pain and recovery downtime. Patients can get back to work and normal functionality within days after a procedure, which can be performed within their lunch-hour.

Quality candidates are men and women who are have fat deposits that are inherently difficult to get rid of due to genetics and other reasons. The best candidates have good skin elasticity and are in good overall health. Patients with realistic expectations from the procedure are happiest with their outcomes.

Laser liposuction is one of Dr. Asare’s favorite procedures because he truly loves to see his patients have restored self-confidence and improved lives. He also has special training in laser-assisted tumescent liposuction using SmartLipotm and power-assisted liposuction techniques.

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