Fat Recycling: How One Surgeon Re-Positions Fat for Breast and Buttock Enhancement

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In recent years there have been many advances using Smartlipo and laser-assisted lipolysis technologies. For many patients, body contouring is a one-step process, and the only procedure they desire is fat removal. Now, medical developments allow surgeons to safely and effectively re-purpose the same fat they remove, to enhance and add volume to other areas of the body, like the breasts and buttocks.

Patient Before and After Natural Buttock Enhancement

Patient Before and After Natural Buttock Enhancement

Have you heard of Natural Breast Augmentation and Natural Buttock Enhancement? These revolutionary procedures have dominated cosmetic and plastic surgery discussion and conventions for the past two years. These procedures have become increasingly more popular with patients, who want natural alternatives to implants.

Dr, Hamid Towhidian Founder and Medical Director of Total CosmetiX in Irvine, CA specializes in these new techniques to employ the latest technologic advances in fat harvesting and adult stem cell transfers to allow patients more options to re-use their unwanted fat.  Once the fat is removed from the targeted areas (such as abdomen, hips, waist, thighs), Dr. Towhidian then performs a secondary procedure to add volume to other areas and add proportion and contour (breasts and buttocks) with fat injections, fat transfer, or fat grafting. Once the fat is removed, it is processed and purified before it is re-injected into the body. Interested in having a fat transfer procedure? For a limited time, you can save $500 on natural fat transfers to the breasts or buttocks with Dr. Towhidian.

Fat transfer procedures require additional training and skill. When considering a fat transfer procedure, make sure your surgeon is experienced and qualified, first.

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