Facial Procedures to be Your Own Christmas Angel

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If you want to turn yourself into a Christmas angel this year, getting a facial cosmetic procedure is the perfect option. What’s better, many of the less invasive procedures available now provide easy recovery time and can get you looking your best in only a few days. Whether you want a procedure that helps you get to your party in a couple days, or you’re willing to go more drastic, here are some ideas for facial procedures to make you a Christmas angel.

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Skin Procedures

The first type of cosmetic procedure to have on your face for Christmas is actually a category of procedures. Skin procedures are those that with everything from resurfacing to removing lines and wrinkles. This includes a chemical peel, injectable dermal fillers, laser treatments, dermabrasion and Botox injections.


Another great procedure to get on your face to have an angelic appearance is with a facelift. This makes you look more youthful by removing any loose or excess skin, tightening your skin and tightening the muscles in your face. It is a fairly minimally invasive procedure as compared to some of other procedures you can get done on your face.

Cheekbone Implants

If you want to get more cheekbones to change the look and shape of your face, you might consider getting cheekbone implants. Also called a malar augmentation procedure, this will give you more prominent and higher cheekbones to balance out your face better.

Ear Surgery

If you have ears that stick out far from your head, you might want to do a simple procedure that places them closer to your head. This procedure is called an otoplasty and will change their size and shape so that they are pinned on your head, rather than being so prominent.

Lip Enhancement

Aside from getting injections to make your lips fuller, you can also get a lip enhancement surgery. This changes the shape of your upper and/or lower lip, as well as providing more plumpness and improving their overall appearance. Different materials can be used to make your lips fuller and match the rest of your facial face.


Lastly, if you feel like you have a little too much fat in your face or neck, you can also get liposuction performed in these areas. Be aware that some bruising, swelling and bleeding will follow the procedure, but it can be effective at tightening the skin and removing a little bit of excess fat.

This procedures range from minimally invasive, to major surgeries on the face, so what you get depends on many factors. This includes the cost, the risks and recovery time, and how much you are willing to go through for the appearance you are looking to achieve.