All About Tummy Tuck Scars

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There are many reasons why women get tummy tucks. Tummy tuck surgery is a way to change the appearance of the stomach by surgically removing fat deposits and cutting away excess skin. It is a very effective surgical option for many, and the results can really be dramatic. The only downside to tummy tuck surgery is that depending on the size and scope of the surgery, there will most commonly be a visible scar that will result from the procedure. For those who have the surgery done, they are very happy with the results in the way the stomach appearance changes, but there is concern about the look of the residual scar.

The tummy tuck scar unfortunately, is something that most will experience. The scar can be minimal, or quite large depending on the amount of area that had to be removed. The appearance of the scar will begin to change over time so it is important to not overreact at first. The scar will begin to fade and change over time, but for some, it can become larger and more apparent as time goes on.

The best way to combat the scar is by:

  • Keeping the scar well protected from sunlight.
  • Minimize smoking as it will limit much needed oxygen flow for the healing process.

The best way to treat the scar is to give it the healing time it needs before worrying too much about it.

Tummy Tuck Courtesy of Dr. Joel Beck

Tummy Tuck Courtesy of Dr. Joel Beck

It is virtually impossible to have a tummy tuck without any scar at all so you have to temper the scar with the amount of change that has been produced in the appearance of your stomach. It will go through many changes as time goes on. At first it will be less noticeable and then give way to darkening, but as the skin continues to heal and the swelling go down, the appearance will begin to minimize. Keeping the scar covered with sun screen and using over the counter products to minimize the appearance will help over the long term. Focusing on the progress of the tummy tuck is important and patience is important when dealing with the effects of the scar on your psyche.