A 9 Minute Workout That Works!

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Who has time to work out these days? Between working, picking the kids up from school and making dinner most families don’t have time to even think, let alone consider working out! As days fly by we have less time to think of working out and we just keep gaining more and more wait.

Not only do we not have time to work out, but who has the money to pay the monthly gym fees, or buy the fancy equipment. Well have no fear, there is now a 9 minute workout that will get you pumped up, and the cardio jump started!

All you need is a timer and determination and you can start doing the nine minute workout today! Power couple Chris and Heidi Powell were much like other families, busy and couldn’t find time to work out. But, wanted to lose the weight and jump start a diet!

9 Minute Workout

In this 9 minute workout you will be shocking your entire core! You will start by doing two reps per exercise. They begin with doing backward lunges which help tone the legs and strengthen the stomach, and then you jump down and into commander pushups after only two reps you are onto squats that turn into jumping jacks! Finally, you finish with may weather, these help with those pesty love handles and back fat area. Anyone else got exhausted just from reading this?

This is a fast paced work out that helps get the body jumping and gets in that cardio that helps lose weight. Of course with the proper diet you are on your way to a great work out, and finally get that body you have been dreaming about.