The Basics of Cosmetic Breast Surgery

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Plastic surgery specializes in repair and reconstruction of missing or damaged skin and tissue. It is, usually, done because of injury, illness, or defects from birth. Its main aim is to restore the functions of the affected organs to the normal. Plastic surgery also helps improve the appearance of body organs. Cosmetic surgery of the breasts is a specialization of plastic surgery that concerns enhancement of their aesthetic appearance. There are three broad categories or options of cosmetic surgery done on the breasts: Breast reduction, Breast reconstruction, and Breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation

It is performed to improve the size, appearance, and shape of a female’s breasts. Women consider undergoing the breast augmentation for various reasons. Some feel their breasts are too small or opt for it when their breasts change in size and shape after child birth. Others are just after having an asymmetry in their breasts. The surgery is performed with implants that are placed over or under the chest muscles. The incision can be done in the areola, lower breast fold, or axilla. Generally, breast augmentations can be termed as being minimally invasive.

The implants are made of a silicon shell that is filled with either silicone gel or saline. A woman gets the chance to determine her desired size by having trial implants. Currently, silicone gel implants are available strictly to women taking part in approved studies while saline implants are available for use by all women. It is a straightforward procedure, but women should seek help from surgeons that are certified by the relevant bodies and boards.

Breast Reconstruction

The procedure is usually performed on women who undergo mastectomy. The procedure results in breasts of the desired volume, appearance, and contour. The normal breast function and sensation do not usually return after the milk glands, ducts, and sensory nerves have been injured or removed. The volume, appearance, and shape can all be recreated using the woman’s tissue or implants. When an implant is used, it must be re-sized to match the other breast and is usually placed under a chest muscle. When a women’s tissue is used for the reconstruction, parts of the abdominal wall, skin, or buttock muscles are most preferred. Sometimes, surgery must be performed on both breasts to create symmetry. Reconstruction can be done any time after mastectomy.

Breast Reduction

It is surgery performed on women who feel their breasts are too large or heavy. Such women experience discomforts such as back pain or neck pain because of the breasts. During the procedure, excess fat, skin, and breast tissues are removed. It is a highly effective procedure, but mostly very invasive. It is one of the most complex cosmetic breast operations done today. Women who undergo the surgery can have breastfeeding problems or changes in breast sensation.


Just like other surgeries, cosmetic breast surgery too has risks and complications. The extent of risk depends on factors such as the surgeon’s experience, area of the tissue involved, and the health of the patient. The procedures have specific risks, but some of the general risks are such as scarring, infection, or death of the repaired skin because of restricted blood flow.

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Dr. Cole has been trained and is certified to perform SmartLipo, tumescent liposuction, power assisted liposuction and fat transfer to the breast and buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift). He regularly attends national and international cosmetic surgery meetings and learns the latest in cutting-edge procedures.

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