Smartlipo Explained In Details

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There are quite a number of people who deal with fat they wish they didn’t have. As a result science and technology has evolved with the aim of finding new ways to deal with this unwanted fat. One of such ways is said to be the Smartlipo.

What is Smartlipo?

One of the conventional ways normally used in dealing with unwanted fat is liposuction. Liposuction is a technique that is mainly used in the field of cosmetic surgery with the aim of removing unwanted fat located under the skin.

“Smartlipo is also used in the field of cosmetic surgery to remove that extra fat. It is seen as a non invasive laser treatment that permanently removes unwanted fat. Smartlipo is quite effective compared to the traditional method of liposuction.” according to Dr. Schweitzer – medical director of the Wichita Liposuction Center.

Why Should I Choose Smartlipo Over Liposuction?

First of all we have seen that Smartlipo is a non invasive technique. This non invasive technique uses laser treatment which works by dissolving the fat through the use of a high powered light beam. A small incision is then made which drains out the melted fat. This is as opposed to liposuction which sucks out the fat through a surgical procedure.

The laser used in Smartlipo works by dissolving the fat and also sealing blood vessels. This means that there is less swelling and bleeding unlike in traditional liposuction.

Smartlipo is said to work faster than any other method used for fat reduction. Patients undergoing the non invasive laser technique often experience quicker results and face less recovery time. The procedure is also coupled with fewer complications. A Smartlipo is done under a local anesthetic which makes it safer as compared to a traditional liposuction which requires general anesthesia to be completed.

Traditional liposuction normally works by removing larger pockets of fats to improve with the purpose of improving appearance. On the other hand, Smartlipo is a more precise body sculpting technique.

Is Smartlipo Designed for Me?

The technique is generally designed to deal with fat deposits which are mainly located in the lower and upper abdomen, hips, outer and inner thighs, chest, jowls, face and neck. If you are not confident about being the right candidate for a Smartlipo, you can always consult with a physician for further clarification.

Is the Procedure Painful?

There is usually very minimal discomfort during the procedure because the area being worked on is normally anesthetized. The procedure is normally accompanied with a light pressure and very mild sensation. After the procedure one normally feels a bit an ache which can be compared to a physical work out ache.

How Smartlipo Procedure Actually Works

The procedure is normally carried with a small cannula tube which is said to be approximately 1.0mm in diameter. This cannula is inserted beneath the skin. The cannula is then moved back and forth as it delivers laser energy directly in fat cells. This causes the fat cells to rupture which are further drained out form the cannula tube. The tube also interacts with the dermis with the aim of tightening the skin.

What are the benefits of Using Smartlipo?

. As we have seen earlier, this technique is used to treat unwanted fat and deal with various tissue irregularities.

. The procedure has minimal discomfort and a quicker recovery time. Most people return to work and their normal activities the following day.

. Smartlipo gives out better results because it focuses on the finer details.

. The technique promotes tissue coagulation which normally results to skin tightening.

. The procedure is also associated with minimal bleeding and edema as a result of the laser’s hemostatic property.

. No general anesthesia is required during the procedure.

What is the Cost of a Smartlipo procedure?

Compared to the traditional form of liposuction, Smartlipo is said to be quite pocket friendly. The technique is said to cost substantially less than a normal standard liposuction procedure. The cost is said to range from $2000 TO $5000 dollars which is 35% lower than a basic liposuction procedure.

Do you intend to get rid of love handles that aren’t flattering your body at all? The answer lies in the newest technology of cosmetic surgery. The answer lies within a Smartlipo procedure. For more information concerning the whole technique, you can contact your nearest physician or doctor. It is always advisable to seek medical consultation before engaging in the surgical procedure.