Charlotte Crosby Gets Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery makes someone look differently but this is not a thing to worry people in these recent times. This is why you can see Charlotte Crosby gets plastic surgery to prove to people that you only live once so make the best out of your life. This is from the long list that she has released of the various plastic surgeries that she wishes to go through by the time she reaches 40.

Charlotte Crosby gets plastic surgery to be able to hide her plump lips and make them look more attractive. However, the Geordie Shore star has decided that she will wait till she is in her forties so as to undergo other surgeries that she has planned for. Some of the surgeries she plans to undergo are like:

  • Boob jobs
  • Botox
  • Lip fillers
  • Nose jobs

Charlotte Crosby gets plastic surgery despite confessing one day that she has an aversion to needles. It is said that you should face your fears and she took this advice literally. She unveiled the work done on her lips on twitter and she can now be associated with celebrities who have juicy lips. She can now give celebrities like Angelina Jolie a run for their money when it comes to sexy lips. On her twitter handle, she explained how she is very pleased with the work done on her lips and does not mind flaunting them.

The plastic surgery was done by Le Beau Ideal and she is very happy with their cosmetic work. Le Beau Ideal is a cosmetic company that is very professional in everything they do. They give a client step by step explanations of the various plastic surgeries they offer and what kind of plastic surgery is good for you as a client.

Their cosmetic treatments are one of a lifetime and maximum satisfaction is a guarantee. The doctor in charge of the process is known as Dr. Esho who is very skilled in this sector and the results speak for themselves. Charlotte Crosby gets plastic surgery just before the launch of her reality show known as The Charlotte Crosby Experience.

However, this is not the first time Charlotte Crosby gets plastic surgery she altered her lips a while ago. The person in charge of that procedure was Tracie Giles from Knightsbridge. The procedure done to her is known as Gloss and Glo. This is a procedure that makes the lips of a person appear fuller and plumper and it does not involve injecting filler.

The one who inspired charlotte to start on the plastic surgeries is her pal Vicky Pattison. If you look at Charlottes’ pictures then you will be able to note a significant difference in the sizes and appearances. This recent plastic surgery is a permanent makeup that is very hard to be changed. The good thing is that it came out perfectly.

This wonderful surgery has made Charlotte Crosby a million dollar lady that means business. She can now smile and show her teeth in a wonderful way. This is because the lips display them well. The lips complement the wonderful green eyes and her wonderful golden skin. This is what is making men stare blankly at her beauty whenever she passes by.

It does not come as a surprise that Charlotte Crosby gets plastic surgery because this is the trend set by reality stars. They have enough money to enhance their body looks and cosmetic surgery has made this easy. Charlotte has undergone a number of body enhancements and it all started by losing weight and then adding hair extensions.

After her hair extensions she then discovered the wonderful magic that can be done on lips using lip fillers. However, her fans have over the years pleaded with her to go slow on the plastic surgeries because she is naturally beautiful. This has however fallen on deaf years because she says that the sky is the limit when it comes to plastic surgery.

She wants to live once with different body shapes it so seems. She has given fans a break till she reaches forty years old. The horror comments will maybe last till she makes advancement on her body though. She has however set pace for those who would wish for enhancements to be done on them which include having a plastic surgery.